Carving modification for Phase 1 dropdown longboard

I finally got to ride my Phase 1 dropdown longboard, but in my initial impressions suggested that the skateboard did not carve as well as expected. The board was very stable, but perhaps too stable at the expense of its ability to carve. When I took off the trucks to remove the remaining pieces of plastic that the board was wrapped in, I decided to rotate the riser pads so that the thickmore »

Phase 1 dropdown longboard initial impressions

Christmas has finally come and gone. I can now ride the Phase One (P1) dropdown longboard (specifications and price also listed) that my dog ‘gave’ me for Christmas. I took the longboard for a 9 km ride this morning with my trusty dog running alongside. Initial impressions of the dropdown board were very good. My understanding is that dropdown skateboards were originally designed for downhill speed work. This skateboard, while being relatively cheap, fitsmore »

Phase 1 40″ dropdown longboard

I received my Phase One (P1) 40″ dropdown longboard today. I bought it off eBay from eskatestuff for $150 plus $20 freight to Brisbane. (I note these skateboards have just gone up to $160). eskatestuff certainly has fast delivery. Both items I have bought from them arrived next business day from Sydney to Brisbane.     Advertised specifications of the Phase 1 skateboard are: nine ply full Canadian maple deck 40″ x 9 ”more »

Phase 1 42″ longboard vs Bling Old School skateboard comparison

At first glance you would think that the Phase 1 42″ longboard and Bling Old School skateboard are two totally different boards and should not be compared. However, a) they are my only two skateboards at the moment, so I am going to compare them!, and b) they are actually not as far different as it would first seem — both skateboards fit the cruiser market, but come at it in totally different directions. Readmore »

Phase 1 (P1) longboard initial impressions

I received my Phase 1 (P1) longboard skateboard on Friday. I bought it from eskatestuff on eBay for $130 plus $20 postage. Specifications of the Phase 1 longboard are: seven ply full Canadian Maple deck 42″ x 9″ kicktail concave/convex shape classic red and white design T282 180 mm 50 degree angle kingpin raw aluminum trucks USA red cushions 8/14 TPR angle pads ABEC 5 chrome steel bearings 70 mm x 46 mm HR 82A casting solidmore »

New Phase 1 (P1) longboard

I did it. Yesterday. Despite my misgivings, I have gone and bought a new Phase 1 (P1) longboard skateboard 42″ x 9″ with Canadian Maple deck and 50 degree trucks from eskatestuff on eBay. (There. I got in all the keywords for Google searches!). Cost? $130 plus $20 postage to Brisbane. I will be interested to see how the skateboard goes. I will post a review once I have received the longboard. Update 6more »

ABEC 11 70’s Flashback wheels and Bones Reds skateboard bearings

Now that was fun! I just came back from a ride with new ABEC 11 70’s Flashback (70 mm, 81a) wheels and Bones Reds skateboard bearings fitted to my Phase One (1) 42″ longboard. Yee hah! I bought the wheels and bearings off eBay from Australia’s Favourite Skateboard Shop (who are apparently transitioning their online store to Boardshop Australia). The Bones Reds skateboard bearings were $19.50 and the ABEC 11 70’s Flashbacks were $54.99. Postagemore »