Building up a Cycling Deal track/fixie frame TF — tips and tricks

Cycling Deal track/fixie frame TF

Building up a fixie/singlespeed frame is pretty simple. There are no finiky derailleurs to adjust or cables to run. You can generally just bolt on wheels, drive train, steering assembly and a saddle. When building up my Cycling Deal track/fixie frame TF, I did find three quirks that needed to be resolved. 1. Seat post — to shim, or not to shim There are many reviews on the internet saying that people needed tomore »

Continental Grand Prix 4000S vs Vittoria Rubino Pro — which is best?

Which rubber to ride on your bicycle is a very subjective choice. Vittoria Rubino Pros have been a long time favourite bike tyre of mine. I recently put a set of Continental Grand Prix 4000s tyres on my Wabi Special bicycle. This article is my subjective comparison. Following is a quick snapshot of the differences between the bike tyres. Continental Grand Prix 4000S Vittoria Rubino Pro Manufacturer summary Top choice of serious race bikemore »

Wabi Cycles Special drive train upgrade

New drivetrain on my Wabi Special

Let me start by saying that there was nothing intrinsically wrong with my Wabi Cycles Special drive train. I like to tinker with my bikes, so when I wanted to change the gearing of my Wabi Special, I decided to change a few other things too! The upgrades that you are looking at are: Wabi Cycles 52 tooth 144 BCD chainring. White Industries 17 tooth ENO freewheel KMC Z610 HX silver chain 3/32″ Shimano squaremore »

Cycling Deal track/fixie frame TF — is this really a track frame?

Cycling Deal track/fixie frame TF

Is the Cycling Deal track/fixie frame TF really a track frame? In short, no. While I see the Cycling Deal track/fixie frame as being aimed at the fashion/hipster market, many people secretly want to know that they are riding a ‘track legal’ frame on the streets — apparently it gets more hipster points. Other people may be considering this frame as a cheap introduction to velodrome cycling. Many people will quickly write off the Cycling Dealmore »

Wabi Cycles Special — review and photos

My Wabi Special after a ride

I recently purchased a Wabi Special fixed gear/singlespeed bicycle from Richard Snook at Wabi Cycles. Following are my initial thoughts on the bike. Which bike? I had read good things about Wabi Cycles on the internet, and also the owner Richard Snook. I have not been disappointed. Wabi Cycles offers several bicycles, including the Lightening SE, Special and Classic. While I was tempted by the Wabi Lightening SE, if I was purchasing amore »

Why are cyclists always so angry?

“Cyclists are always so aggressive and angry.” This is a statement that I see regularly in the media. Why have bicycle riders come to be stereotyped in this way? You would think, given that cyclists are exercising outdoors doing a pursuit that they love, they would be happy and carefree. I have a theory, and it is based in the fight or flight response -– see Wikipedia for an introduction. The fight or flightmore »

Bumper sticker: Is that the truth? Or was your News Limited?

Bumper sticker: Is that the truth? Or was your News Limited?

I spotted this bumper sticker on the back of a car yesterday: “Is that the truth? Or was your News Limited?” I thought this was an interesting statement on News Limited (News Corporation) publications, including The Courier-Mail which has a print media near monopoly in the Brisbane market place. Before the 2013 Federal Election, it was widely reported that News Limited publications were heavily biased towards the Coalition. Was your news being limited?more »