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Updated boat launching trolley (dolly) design

Before I started to build my first dinghy launching trolley (dolly), I scoured the internet for design ideas. One thing was evident — people make do with some really dodgy launching trolleys! This view was backed up by walking around the launching area of my local sailing club when all the boats are out on the water and the trolleys are left on the beach. There are some truly awful dinghy launching trolleysmore »

How to make a simple, sturdy and functional sailing dinghy launching trolley (dolly)

This sailing dinghy launching trolley is made out of wood and epoxy and is able to be constructed using simple tools.┬áMost people do not have the skills or tools to weld a metal launching trolley, but this trolley is a simple, sturdy and functional alternative. The trolley design can be readily adapted to suit both sailing dinghies and small motor boats such as tinnies and inflatable boats. When we purchased a Minnow sailingmore »