Camping at Boreen Point

Boreen Point at Lake Cootharaba is an ideal camping ground for families and sailors.

Sailors have long frequented the lake because it receives ocean breezes, but has flat water.

The Boreen Point camping ground is great for families becuase of its quiet location and shallow lake. Our kids wandered 100 metres off shore and were still only waist deep! Just avoid the camp ground in busy periods, such as Easter. It gets jam-packed with campers — add a bit of rain and it all becomes a bit feral.

Following is a photo of our 10-person Jackaroo dome tent from KMart set up at the Boreen Point camping ground. The lake is only about 20 metres in front of the tent!

For the record, I measured the internal size of the KMart Jackaroo 10-person dome tent as being approximately 2.8 metres wide and 4.6 metres long. It is a bit hard to accurately measure because the tent buldges where the tub floor meets the walls, and the front of the tent is rounded so it is only 4.6 metres long at the centre across the door (not to the corners). I did not take height measurements, but given the standing room, I guess the back dome is more than 6′ high, but the front dome is less than 6′ high. On my bathroom scales the packed tent, poles and pegs weighs in at 18.3 kilograms.

Jackaroo 10-person dome tent

Jackaroo 10-person dome tent

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