DMH stainless steel mug

Our DMH Outdoors stainless steel mugs appear to have excellent insulation properties, as discovered on a recent camping trip.

We only took the bare essentials on the camping trip. This included a gas cooker that mounted directly to the top of the gas bottle, as well as a moka pot to brew our morning coffee. While we had brought the moka coffee pot, I had not thought to pack the kettle for boiling some water.

Moka pots make espresso shots, so need the addition of hot water to the mug for anything other than a short black coffee. My wife likes a good short black, while I prefer a long black.

Rather than adding cold water to my coffee, I decided to warm up some water on the other side of the gas cooker with some water in the bottom of a mug. I had some enamel mugs in the camping kit, but looked at the DMH stainless steel mug and thought it would be ideal to heat a little water – I just needed to keep the plastic handle away from the flame.

DMH Outdoors stainless steel mug and traditional enamel mug

DMH Outdoors stainless steel mug and traditional enamel mug

I put some water in the stainless mug and balanced it on the top of the cooker alongside the moka pot. As the moka pot began to boil, I checked the stainless mug. It seemed a little cold, so dipped my finger in – yep, cold. These DMH stainless steel mugs are well insulated! After several minutes on the gas cooker, the water inside was still cold!

I swapped the water into the old fashioned enamel mug, and sure enough, I had a mug of hot water in a pretty short time.

Well done DMH on making such a well insulated mug! No doubt it kept my coffee hot longer than the traditional enamel mug too.

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