Cooper Tires ATRs — 25,000 km performance update

My Cooper Tires ATRs have performed faultlessly on my Toyota Prado during the last 25,000 km of driving in the city, bush, beaches and camping.

My Toyota Prado fitted with Cooper Tires ATRs on Main Beach, Stradbroke Island

My Toyota Prado fitted with Cooper Tires ATRs on Main Beach, Stradbroke Island

There was one thing that I remember from my university marketing 101 subject 20+ years ago. That was, if you want to increase sales, you can do one of three things:

  1. improve your product
  2. reduce your price
  3. increase your promotion (advertising/marketing).

Using elasticity of demand curves, somehow, you can work out where the sweet spot is between the three. It seems Cooper Tires has done just this, because they offer good value for money, have a great product and seem to spend big on advertising.

Purchase decision for Cooper Tires ATRs

When I was originally trying to decide which tyres to purchase for my Toyota Prado, the choice came down to two tyres:

I ultimately decided on the Cooper Tires ATRs (see my purchase decision). I bought five tyres (including the spare) and have been very happy with the purchase.

Performance update for Cooper Tires ATRs

During the last 25,000 km, I have used the Cooper Tires ATRs:

  • four wheel driving in the Glass House Mountains
  • beach driving and sand tracks at Stradbroke Island
  • bush driving up Duck Creek Road to O’Reilly’s
  • sand/bush driving to Harry’s Hut and the Noosa Everglades
  • camping, loaded to the max with the boot and roof rack full
  • commuting around Brisbane (95% of the work).

While none of the above is extreme four wheel driving, the tyres have performed faultlessly. I have run the tyres down as low as 24 psi beach driving, and the rear tyres as high as 42 psi with my Toyota Prado fully loaded when camping. I normally run 36 psi front and rear around town (see my Toyota Prado tyre pressures article).

I have the Cooper Tires service done at the same time that I get my vehicle serviced — they both have a 10,000 km service interval. Balancing and rotating tyres is something that you should be doing anyway (you want to look after your investment in tyres don’t you?).

The Cooper Tires ATRs give slightly more road noise than the previous Goodyear AT20 Grandtreks that came fitted to the vehicle and as original equipment. The road noise certainly is not intrusive. You own a four wheel drive don’t you; not a limousine?

I have only done 25,000 km on the tyres and they still have plenty of life left in them. The tyres come with a 60,000 km guarantee, and I would expect this to be achieved.

Cooper Tires ATR fitted to front wheel of Toyota Prado

Cooper Tires ATR fitted to front wheel of Toyota Prado

Cooper Tires ATR fitted to rear wheel of Toyota Prado

Cooper Tires ATR fitted to rear wheel of Toyota Prado

Replacement tyres

So why am I thinking of replacing the Cooper Tires ATRs later in the year when they have effectively only done half their life?

I am planning a road trip to Melbourne in early 2013. I am driving down in my Toyota Prado (via Bourke!) loaded with gear, while my family are flying down. We are going to have a two week family holiday. I then put my family on a plane back to Brisbane and my fun really begins — I am joining a tag along four wheel drive tour in the Victorian High Country, before taking the Newell Highway back to Brisbane.

For the Victorian High Country trip, I want some new rubber. I am thinking something chunkier — perhaps a set of Cooper Tires S/T Maxx? Watch this space …

3 thoughts on “Cooper Tires ATRs — 25,000 km performance update

  1. David Keelan

    Hi Rex,
    You are one of the the few Cooper customers who share their good experiences, most people that have bad experiences do all the wrong things like no rotation/balancing, inappropriate tyre pressures for load/speed/terrain, drive too fast and overloaded, then seek to blame the tyre!

    I have ST Maxx fitted to my 2011 PB Challenger since new and have done 22,000km of bitumen, sand, rock and mud from the Outback SA, Flinders Ranges, Vic High Country & Gippsland and SA/SE Beaches. Only 3 mm of wear on the 3 tyres that have done 22k and 1.5mm wear on the 2 tyres that have done 10k. I have been impressed by the level of grip on all surfaces, no punctures and no tread tearing, I find the tyres quite noisy and because they are a 10 ply tyre the ride is hard so I run 30psi all round around town and put 34psi in the rears when towing or heavily loaded, I use the 6psi tyre pressure rise between cold and hot to find the ideal pressure and the tyres are wearing evenly.

    As the car is fitted with ESC and legally the tyre diameter should not be altered, I replaced the factory P265/70/16 size with LT245/75/16 as these are the same diameter, fit the standard rims and are more than wide enough.



    1. Rex

      Thanks for your comment David. I am planning to fit S/T Maxx tyres to my Toyota Prado soon so was interested to read your experience with them.


      1. Lynton

        And thank you for your earlier (i think) tip about ‘normalising’ power windows. I had the main battery replaced and then the power windows could not be operated from the drivers switches. I doubt i would have found anythin in the manual, and was about to emabrk on a tedious testing of fuses when i did a quick search and found your advice. Good on you!


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