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Surviving a wild and windy night in my BlackWolf Turbo Plus 300 tent

We recently stayed at Adder Rock Holiday Park on Stradbroke Island — or Straddie as the locals like to call it. We pitched our BlackWolf Turbo Plus 300 tent on the foreshore facing the Pacific Ocean, and survived a wild and windy night. The first night we spent at Adder Rock Holiday Park was fairly windy. We contemplated moving camp site, but my wife was adamant that she wanted to be right on the beachmore »

How to stop kids tripping over tent guy ropes at night

No matter how many times you tell children to walk around the guy ropes on a tent, sooner or later they will trip over them — usually at night. An inexpensive and easy solution is to place children’s bracelet glow sticks around the end of each guy rope at dusk. During the day, most children will see guy ropes and walk around them. Unfortunately, at night, the guy ropes disappear into the darkness andmore »

What is the right camping tent size for you?

Biggest is not always best when camping. As a rule of thumb, buy the best quality, smallest tent that you can comfortably sleep in. While the huge 12-person dome tent may seem great value for money in store, it may turn out to be a nightmare the first time that you go to set it up. Before we get to discussing the right size tent for you, we first need to consider howmore »

The best way to fold your tarp

Folding a tarpaulin is a simple skill that will help you fold several items in your camping kit down to a small size. This tarp folding technique can be used on all types of tarps including canvas, poly and shade mesh tarps, as well as for folding other camping equipment, such as tents and flys. I have used a small silver poly tarpaulin in the photos below for illustrative purposes. The same technique works formore »

Easy set-up sun and rain awning for your 4WD — gear & photos

A quick-erect sun and rain awning is a very handy addition to any four wheel drive vehicle. Rather than purchasing an of-the-shelf awning, I have developed my own from some surplus gear in my camping kit. There are numerous different awnings available on the market that bolt semi-permanently to roof racks — examples include those available from ARB, TJM, Bushranger, and OZtrail. While I could have easily purchased an off-the-shelf awning, I havemore »

Malamoo 3-second X-tra tent

Pitching the Malamoo 3-second X-tra tent always turns heads. One second you are holding a large disc in your hands, the next second your tent has unfolded itself in the air and is falling back to ground. Peg the front and rear of the tent down, and you are done! Now have a casual glance around and don’t appear too smug that your tent is erected while everyone else has just got theirmore »

Black Wolf Turbo Plus 300 tent purchase

I purchased a BlackWolf Turbo Plus 300 today from Down Under Camping at the Caravanning Queensland 2010 Pre-Christmas Caravan & Camping Sale. On our last camping trip I performed the tent set-up in a stiff 20-knot breeze coming straight down the Noosa River to our camp site at the Noosa River Caravan Park. Erecting our 10-person Jackaroo dome tent proved to be a problem in the wind. I had to erect a wind breakmore »