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BlackWolf tents — they must be on to a good thing

BlackWolf Turbo Plus tent

On a recent day trip to Charlie Moreland camping area, I was surprised to be reminded of the popularity of BlackWolf tents, with three in the camping ground. I am a fan of BlackWolf tents. I own a Turbo Plus 300 and was recently given the opportunity to test the new 2012/13 model Turbo Plus 240 tent. When we stayed on Stradbroke Island at Adder Rock Holiday Park, there were three BlackWolf tents in the camping ground,more »

BlackWolf Turbo Plus 240 — with awning front and side panels

BlackWolf Turbo Plus 240 tent with the front (door open) and side panels fitted

The optional front and side panels for the new BlackWolf Turbo Plus 240 tent gives a very handy vestibule area under the new, larger, three-pole awning. We used it to shelter from the wind and sun, and also to store gear out of sight of prying eyes while we were away from the camp site. I was recently given the opportunity to test the new model 2012/2013 BlackWolf Turbo Plus 240 tent. Our first tripmore »

BlackWolf Turbo Plus 240 tent — 2012/13 model tent first impressions & photos

The 2012/13 model of the BlackWolf Turbo Plus 240 tent has some new features, the main one being the larger front awning, as well as the curved rear pole and gusseted windows of last year’s model. Following are some of the first photos on the internet of the new tent. Update: I have now been camping in the new BlackWolf Turbo Plus 240 tent and have posted additional comments here. I am a big fan ofmore »

Tent peg graveyard — get yourself decent tent pegs!

The number of bent tent pegs left on the ground surprised me when we recently camped at Adder Rock Holiday Park on Stradbroke Island — or Straddie as the locals call it. When we were at the Adder Rock Holiday Park the ground was relatively soft, but it still it seemed like a tent peg graveyard! As you can see from the four tent pegs on the right in the photo, many tent manufacturers skimp on tent pegs —more »

Surviving a wild and windy night in my BlackWolf Turbo Plus 300 tent

We recently stayed at Adder Rock Holiday Park on Stradbroke Island — or Straddie as the locals like to call it. We pitched our BlackWolf Turbo Plus 300 tent on the foreshore facing the Pacific Ocean, and survived a wild and windy night. The first night we spent at Adder Rock Holiday Park was fairly windy. We contemplated moving camp site, but my wife was adamant that she wanted to be right on the beachmore »

Sleeping bag care and washing for various brands

Cleaning a sleeping bag may not be as simple as stuffing it in a washing machine and then hanging it out to dry. In fact, you can permanently damage some sleeping bags by doing this. When it was time to purchase a new sleeping bag, I did some online research to find a sleeping bag that could be easily cleaned. When I purchased my first swag — a Burke & Wills Ironbark swagmore »

Black Wolf Turbo Plus 300 tent purchase

I purchased a BlackWolf Turbo Plus 300 today from Down Under Camping at the Caravanning Queensland 2010 Pre-Christmas Caravan & Camping Sale. On our last camping trip I performed the tent set-up in a stiff 20-knot breeze coming straight down the Noosa River to our camp site at the Noosa River Caravan Park. Erecting our 10-person Jackaroo dome tent proved to be a problem in the wind. I had to erect a wind breakmore »