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How to ride your bicycle faster, further, stronger

Most fitness riders want to be able to ride faster, further and be stronger. While they are not competitively racing, they still want to be able to keep up with their riding buddies, win the crazy-fun sprint at the end of the ride and power up hills. Here are a few simple tips to allow you to do just that. First off, I assume that you have a half decent bike. It doesmore »

Fulcrum Racing 5 Road Wheelset review — nice wheels!

The Fulcrum Racing 5 Road Wheelset are great wheels for training, and even racing and triathlons, but I did experience a couple of minor quality issues with my wheels. I purchased my Fulcrum Racing 5 Road Wheelset from Cell Bikes. As usual, they were very prompt with the dispatch and delivery. Customer service at Cell Bikes informed me that the rims came without rim tape. However, my Fulcrum Racing 5 Road Wheelset did come with rimmore »

Fuji Absolute 3.0 further comments

After my initial impressions of the Fuji flat Bar road bike and replacing the pedals, I have the following comments: Shimano Sora gear shifters – I am sure more expensive shifters would be better, but this is my first time using indexed gears and I love them. Kenda tyres – no punctures in the Kenda tyres and wearing well. I am planning to replace them with 700 x 25c Vittoria Rubino Pros whenmore »

Fuji Absolute 3.0 flat bar road bike initial impressions

I have recently purchased a Fuji flat bar road bike – an Absolute 3.0 to be precise. I raced road bikes in my teens, but have not ridden a bicycle in 20 years. My search for a new set of wheels began by considering a mountain bike. A bicycle that is fairly comfortable for my old bones, but is robust and can handle a bit of mistreatment. I started off at Boggo Road Bikemore »