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Toyota Prado clearance in shopping centre car parks — with lift and racks?

I am planning to add a few accessories to my Toyota Prado to make it a better beach and bush camping tourer. In particular, I want to add roof racks and luggage tray, and possibly 2″ larger rubber and a 2″ lift to give me extra clearance under the vehicle. My Prado also gets used as a run-around-town car. It therefore has to fit into car parks. Most car parks in our part of the world seemmore »

Best 4×4 for camping — Toyota Prado or Hilux?

I am in the market for a new car. The car will primarily be used around town for business and the school/childcare run. However, we are planning to buy a four wheel drive for the few times a year we plan to go beach camping or head bush. Our preference is to buy a Toyota. Many farmers tend to use Toyotas, so if we break down out bush, at least we know parts will bemore »