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Australian catch-up TV resources

Apparently there is a move away from so called ‘appointment viewing’ where we patiently wait for our favourite TV shows to come on in their designated timeslot, to ‘convenience viewing’ where we simply stream TV shows to our screens whenever and wherever we want to watch television shows. Now that I have sufficient bandwidth, I am rapidly becoming hooked on convenience viewing. Not only have we streamed rented movies from iTunes and BigPond Movies,more »

The social media BBQ

The question, “Should you/your business use social media?” seems to be a common question in business circles at present. But to answer the question, you first need a definition of social media, and then need to understand the various flavours of social media. You then need to apply that knowledge to your own business circumstances. What is social media? Put simply, social media is content created by individuals expressing their own views andmore »

South East Queensland camping resources

Here are a few links to useful resources for camping in South East Queensland. I have started building this list for myself, so I thought I may as well share them with others on this blog. I will add to this list as time goes on. While the list is South East Queensland centric, many national directories include information on the region’s camping areas, so I have included the national lists as well.more »

Trends in internet browsers, search engines and operating systems

My blog and business web site statistics give me an insight into what is happening on the internet. Sure, it is a small, statistically-insignificant snapshot, but can be interesting none the less. The following numbers are for the last month. Take browsers for a moment. Visitors to this blog in the last month have used the following browsers. Internet Explorer 46.42% Firefox 39.27% Safari 8.08% Chrome 4.04% Opera, Mozilla, Camino, Konqueror and Operamore »

Bing is bung

My day job is in the marketing/public relations industry. It therefore never ceases to amaze me when half-baked products get launched into the market place. And so it is with Microsoft’s new search engine Bing. In the last week, Bing has received publicity in the media that I consume. Like many others, I was tempted to take a look. For sure, the front page of Bing signals that it is a beta version.more »

Site moved to Jumba

Hosting Shop, my old web site hosting provider, finally sent me a renewal notice. And I finally go around to moving this blog to Jumba. It has been on my list of things to do for a while, but just not got around to it. I had experienced too many problems with the old hosting provider, including undelivered e-mail, e-mail delays and unavailable web sites. Now that I am with Jumba, I realisemore »

WindGuru weather forecasting web site

Found the WindGuru (Wind Guru) weather forecasting web site during the week through someone’s post to rec.kites. Pretty amazing technology. Basically, once you have registered (for free) and logged in, you can set custom spots for weather forecasts for any place on earth! I have set a spot down at my local park where I regularly fly kites, and then another spot at a park further away that I sometimes fly at. The twomore »