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New PC

I recently decided to get my share of Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s fiscal stimulus investment allowance bonus — I bought a new computer. Now, regular readers of this blog (hah! I don’t think there is anyone in that category, but I have plenty of passers-by — where was I? ohh yes …) will think that I am incapable of doing anything other than whinging about things, but that is not so! I boughtmore »

HP Officejet Pro L7580 network connection solution – throw it in the rubbish bin!

The title of this blog post is only half in jest. Yes, I have found a dodgy workaround to the Hewlett Packard Officejet Pro L7580 printer network connection problems, but one does have to wonder whether throwing the printer in the rubbish bin is actually the best solution! Read on … When I went into business a couple of years ago I bought a HP L7580. My rationale was that HP printers had been used inmore »

Digital compact cameras: Canon IXUS 90IS and Powershot A590IS

Birthday rolls around again (only once a year thank goodness!) and this year I received a Canon IXUS 90IS digital camera. I requested this snapper because I thought it would be a good, easy shooter for the family to use. Our old Sony DSC-P72 camera was more than five years old and desperately needed replacing. However, in the process of selecting the IXUS 90IS, I decided to pick up a Canon Powershot A590ISmore »

How to configure QoS for VOIP on Netgear FVS338 router

I run a home office and use voice over IP (VOIP) as my business telephone line. I have an Optus cable broadband connection (10Mbps download/256kbps upload) and found that if someone was on a VOIP call and another person was browsing the internet or sending an e-mail, the receiver’s call quality would be distorted. I have three computers and two VOIP phones on the network and was running a Netgear FVS318 router, whichmore »

Dead router replaced with NETGEAR FVS318

I run a small LAN at home, connecting two computers, a networked printer, VOIP phone and network music player. The LAN was running intermittently incredibly slowly, with the major symptom being problems with my new HP Officejet Pro L7580 printer which was plugged in to my DLink DI-704UP router via an ethernet cable. I was blaming the printer for the problems as it was sometimes working and sometimes not over the course of amore »