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How to make great coffee

Making great coffee is easy with a fresh coffee beans, a grinder and plunger. You do not need a $1,000 espresso maker. My definition of great coffee is a full, flavoursome brew that has some body to it. Great coffee is not bitter, needing several teaspoons of sugar just to make it drinkable! Things you will need: kettle (duh!) fresh coffee beans — your choice coffee grinder — I use a Sunbeam coffeemore »

Easy weight loss diet for blokes

This is my easy weight loss diet for blokes based on my own weight loss story. It is not scientifically proven, but has worked for me with a minimum of effort. Like most blokes, I had the view that calorie counting diets were for women. Most men, including myself, do not want anything to do with Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, fancy shakes, or the latest fad-diets. My approach is based on creating a healthymore »

How to stop chickens clucking in the morning at sunrise

Our chickens -- two ISA Browns, an Australorp and a Leghorn

Backyard chickens make great, charismatic pets and produce eggs, but can be horrendously noisy just before sunrise. A blackout box can help to keep the chickens quiet until a more sociable time of morning. Unfortunately, chickens clucking and squawking early morning can be a nuisance in suburbia. While most councils (including Brisbane City Council where I live) prohibit keeping roosters in backyards, they do allow hens (up to six hens in my area).more »

Chicken breeds — Australorp, ISA Brown and Leghorn compared

Backyard chickens make charismatic pets and lay eggs. We have two ISA Browns, an Australorp and a Leghorn chicken. Each breed has unique characteristics. My wife, in her wisdom, decided to buy two chickens for eggs and as pets for my daughters. One of them grew so quickly that everyone told us it was a rooster. My wife, again in her infinite wisdom, decided to buy two more chickens so that when wemore »

Best head lice and nits prevention for your kids

Nits and head lice are the bane of every parent’s existence if they live in a warm climate and have children in school or child care. We suffered through four summers of head lice infestations before we finally started using tea tree conditioner from Thursday Plantation  to prevent head lice. We now have a five year old daughter in Prep Year (the year before Year 1) at school, and an eight year old daughtermore »

Seasoning your carbon steel or cast iron fry pan or wok — instructions

How do you season and clean your brand new carbon steel (black steel) or cast iron fry pan or wok? Different manufacturers recommend many different techniques. In the first instance, you may want to try their recommended method. When that does not work, try the following. I have tested this method on a de Buyer Carbone Plus carbon steel fry pan; a Wiltshire carbon steel wok; and an eBay, no-brand cast iron griddle pan. Followingmore »

Go Fish and Crazy Eights — simple rules for popular children’s card games

I thought that today’s parent’s tossed their children a Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation or other such electronic gaming device and told them to shut-up. Apparently that is not the case. I was somewhat amazed this summer by how many of the children who came over for playdates with my children knew how to play card games. And they genuinely seemed to enjoy playing them! So it seems that many parents are still teaching their children how tomore »