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Casio CTK-3000 keyboard

My five year old daughter has started learning piano through Groove n Move School of Music at Coorparoo. Their recommendation is to just buy a cheap $100 keyboard from Target or Big W to get the child started. Sensing an opportunity to get another musical instrument, I did a little research and decided to purchase a Casio CTK-3000 digital keyboard/electric piano. I bought it off eBay including a keyboard stand and AC adaptermore »

Saxophone players wanted

I am looking for a few people to play in a casual saxophone quartet/duet in Brisbane, perhaps getting together one afternoon a month. I have returned to the saxophone after 20 years of not playing and am keen to find some people to jam with. I have student-quality alto and tenor saxes at present. I am keen on jazz/groove/funk/pop/rock music. Forget classical though. I have no aspirations of performing for profit. If wemore »

Selmer Bundy II alto saxophone

I have not made a post recently, and have not yet put up a few photos of the instruments I have bought. I have been busy. But not too busy to purchase a Selmer Bundy II alto saxophone off eBay. Apparently the instrument was used for about six months, and then left in its case for 10 years. The instrument was described as being in very good condition, but in my opinion needs work.more »

Sterling Bb nickel clarinet SCL-250N — first play

I had my first real play of the Sterling Bb nickel clarinet SCL-250N today. I have a lot to learn. The fingerings are very different to the Sterling tenor saxophone, and I keep on getting this horrible squeaking noise as I hit middle B and C. Still, like the tenor saxophone, I reckon that it is me that is deficient, not the instrument. Keep practicing … I will have to take some photos of the clarinetmore »

Sterling Bb nickel clarinet SCL-250N

After my success with the Sterling Bb tenor saxophone STS-500DN, I have lashed out the grand sum of $139 (+$30 freight) for a Sterling Bb nickel clarinet SCL-250N. How can Student Instruments import and sell musical instruments on eBay for about the price of a decent pair of running shoes? These really are disposable instruments — they will probably cost more to repair than the price of a new instrument. When they wearmore »

It’s not the saxophone!

In my initial review of the Sterling Bb tenor saxophone STS-500DN from Student Instruments, I was finding it difficult to consistently get crisp, clear notes every time — particularly lower G. It seems that 20 years of not playing a saxophone was a more important factor than the eBay instrument. After three or four practices I can now hit all notes crisply. This may, however, also have something to do with using Ricomore »

Doh! – tuning Sterling tenor saxophone

I bought a Sterling tenor saxophone STS-500DN from Student Instruments off eBay recently. I have played it a couple of times. Yesterday, I decided it was time to try to tune it. I got out my Korg electronic chromatic tuner that I bought for tuning my guitars. They didn’t have these around 20 years ago when I used to play an alto saxophone. I proceeded to play a G on the tenor sax.more »