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The social media BBQ

The question, “Should you/your business use social media?” seems to be a common question in business circles at present. But to answer the question, you first need a definition of social media, and then need to understand the various flavours of social media. You then need to apply that knowledge to your own business circumstances. What is social media? Put simply, social media is content created by individuals expressing their own views andmore »

Australian internet censorship

Update: while the following should work to circumvent the blacklist of sites, packet filtering is another issue altogether. But the real point is that we, as Australian citizens, should not have to go to these lengths to get a clean internet feed. The issue of the Australian Federal Government filtering internet content has been brewing for some time. I have always thought that it would be relatively easy to write a Perl script to fetchmore »

Vista sidebar gadgets stop working — possible fix

I recently bought a new PC running the Microsoft Windows Vista Business 32-bit operating system. After a couple of days, the gadgets in the sidebar stopped working. I Googled for an answer and came up with numerous posts about an issue with Internet Explorer 8. I decided to just put up with the issue and wait for Microsoft to bring out a patch. However, I recently changed back to a standard sized font and discovered thatmore »

Bing is bung

My day job is in the marketing/public relations industry. It therefore never ceases to amaze me when half-baked products get launched into the market place. And so it is with Microsoft’s new search engine Bing. In the last week, Bing has received publicity in the media that I consume. Like many others, I was tempted to take a look. For sure, the front page of Bing signals that it is a beta version.more »

New PC

I recently decided to get my share of Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s fiscal stimulus investment allowance bonus — I bought a new computer. Now, regular readers of this blog (hah! I don’t think there is anyone in that category, but I have plenty of passers-by — where was I? ohh yes …) will think that I am incapable of doing anything other than whinging about things, but that is not so! I boughtmore »

HP Officejet Pro L7580 network connection solution – throw it in the rubbish bin!

The title of this blog post is only half in jest. Yes, I have found a dodgy workaround to the Hewlett Packard Officejet Pro L7580 printer network connection problems, but one does have to wonder whether throwing the printer in the rubbish bin is actually the best solution! Read on … When I went into business a couple of years ago I bought a HP L7580. My rationale was that HP printers had been used inmore »

Blog stats

It is easy to underestimate a relatively innocuous blog like this one. Who wants to read about seemingly inane subjects like dog poo worm farms, my problems with our Subaru Forester or any of the other subjects on this blog. Well apparently if you have an international audience, other people do. Here are a few statistics from April 2009 (excluding my own visits): 720 unique visitors from 281 cities 1059 page views visitorsmore »