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Waeco PerfectPower can size inverter review

The Waeco PerfectPower 150 watt can size inverter does the job of providing 240 volts to power small consumer devices, but it does have some design limitations. On my last road trip to Tasmania, I found that the 12V DC charger adaptors for my phone and laptop were not powerful enough to recharge the batteries in a suitable length of time. I would spend all day driving with the 12V chargers connected, butmore »

Driving Lake Jindabyne to Brisbane

I had been summonsed home. I figured I had had a pretty good time on my Tasmania road trip (follow tag here), so left my overnight stop at Lake Jindabyne intent on getting as far north as possible that day. Once again, rather than detailed planning, I just headed north, following the signs towards Queensland. As I was trying to get home quickly, I did not stop for the customary photographs of everymore »

Driving Wangaratta to Lake Jindabyne, via the Victorian High Country — photos

The Victorian High Country is legendary in four wheel driving circles. I had never been anywhere near the area, apart from a quick trip to Perisher once in the middle of summer. Today was my birthday, and I was going to enjoy it driving through some amazing scenery. After two weeks holidaying in Tasmania with my family, I was headed for home — more than 2,500 kilometres away! My family flew home from Hobart, and Imore »

The Twelve Apostles at Port Campbell National Park — photos

The Twelve Apostles at Port Campbell National Park is a ‘must do’ activity if you are visiting Victoria. The Twelve Apostles are an iconic Australian landscape used on many tourist brochures and advertisements, and regularly feature on Australian photo calendars. After visiting, you will see why. The Twelve Apostles are a spectacular and rugged landscape carved out of limestone cliffs by the swells and wind of the Southern Ocean. The harsh weather conditions havemore »

Visiting Port Arthur Historic Site & Sorell Fruit Farm — photos

If you are visiting Hobart, then Port Arthur Historic Site is a ‘must see’. This is one of Australia’s most historic sites as one of the most important convict settlements. “Port Arthur was a key part of the colonial system of convict discipline. Remote, harsh, with no chance of escape, this was the perfect destination for hardened, repeat offenders. … The Port Arthur Historic Site covers around 40 hectares (100 acres) of land containing moremore »

Tasmania Zoo in Launceston, Tasmania — photos

We took our children to visit Tasmania Zoo in Launceston, Tasmania. The zoo has a large variety of wildlife — apparently the largest collection of native and exotic animals in Tasmania. While my photos do not show it, birds are a large part of the zoo’s collection of animals. The animals of interest to my family were the Tasmanian Devils. The zoo has a breeding program aimed at combating the Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD), whichmore »

Visiting Platypus House and Seahorse World — photos

We decided to drive from Launceston to Green’s Beach, taking in some of the local tourist attractions along the way. Several people had told us that we just had to take the kids to see the echidnas at Platypus House located on Inspection Head Wharf in Flinders Street at Beauty Point. We joined a tour and saw the platypus. I did not manage to get any photos of the platypus. We then entered the Echidna Garden. We were allmore »