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Bargain cycling sunglasses

Riders looking for a bargain pair of cycling sunglasses should seriously consider Bolle’s range of safety glasses. My important criteria for cycling glasses are: will not shatter on impact lightweight wraps around your eyes, allowing peripheral vision sits high on your face to that you can still look through the top of the glasses when riding do not slip down your nose clear and smoke options for sunrise and daytime respectively. I purchasedmore »

What to do if you are a cyclist and are assulted

As a vulnerable, minority road user group, we need to ensure that vehicle drivers know that they can not just go around physically and verbally abusing cyclists. I was recently involved in an attack by a vehicle driver on a cyclist. I am not a legal expert, but following discussions with police, other cyclists and on various internet discussion forums, I have developed a list of actions to maximise the chance for legalmore »

Road rage attack on cyclists — top of Highgate Hill

Sorry for the long post, but I thought I would share this incident with my fellow cyclists. I spoke with the police about the incident because: a) it is not all right in society to go around punching people in the head or driving dangerously to intimidate, no matter what the circumstances b) the outcome could have been worse – one punch can kill, I could have fallen in to the traffic, ormore »

Colossi steel frame road bike project

I have been looking around for a steel frame road bike for a while. I think that a Colossi Cycling road frame may be perfect for my needs. I took up riding after a 25 year break to lose some weight. I am enjoying it so much that I want to upgrade my bike. The components on my Shimano Sora equipped Fuji Absolute 3.0 flat bar road bike are beginning to show signsmore »

Easton wheels spoke tension problem

After my Fuji Absolute 3.0 flat bar road bike was totally submerged in the 2011 Brisbane floods, I decided to replace the wheels. With most of my funds going towards repairing our house, I decided to purchase a set of Easton OEM wheels (spoked 20 front and 24 rear) from Cell Bikes for $179. I fitted them with Vittoria Rubino Pro tyres and Ultralite tubes and a Shimano HG50 12-21 close ratio cassette. Initially, Imore »

Cell Bikes Mallet II fixie — I’ve got my fix

I love my Cell Bikes Mallet II custom fixie. I spec’ed it with a yellow frame and all other options black. I removed all decals and logos. The bike looks great and I get lots of comments on it. I have nicknamed it Bumblebee. I ride for training and fitness. I bought the fixie as an alternative to my Fuji Absolute 3.0 flat bar alloy road bike. The fixie is a different ridingmore »

Goldcross Cycles in Fortitude Valley

Kudos to Goldcross Cycles in Fortitude Valley for giving my Fuji Absolute 3.0 flat bar road bike a free ‘flood service’ — it was totally submerged in the January 2011 Brisbane flood. I expected Goldcross Cycles to find at least one part that needed replacing so that they could make some money out of it, but no, nothing, totally free! Well done guys.