Vittoria Rubino Pro cycling tyres (tires)

Vittoria Rubino Pro bicycle tyres have proven to be a reliable riding companion for me over the last 3,000 km.

When I took up riding bicycles again after a 20 year break, I purchased a Fuji Absolute 3.0 flat bar road bike (my bike). I figured that I was so out of shape that I would never be able to ride a drop bar road bike. As I have got progressively fitter, I have also modified the bike until it is set up in a similar way to a drop bar road bike, except with flat bars. Many people riding drop bar road bikes are amazed as I ride past them! Part of the secret has been to fit good rubber to the bike.

The Fuji Absolute 3.0 came standard with 700 x 28c Kenda road tyres. They had a maximum rated pressure of 90 psi.

I fairly quickly replaced these with new 700 x 23c rubber. When the bike was fully submerged in the 2011 Queensland floods, I also replaced the wheels with some cheap Easton OEM wheels from Cell Bikes.

After trying Maxxis Xenith slicks, Kenda Tires and Cheng Shin Tires fitted as original equipment to my single speed, I came to the conclusion that I should always be happy to pay for good rubber. The real eye opener for me came when I did a back to back comparison of bikes using cheap rubber and Vittoria Rubino Pro tyres on my set of JetBlack rollers. Rolling resistance, cornering grip and longevity are all better using good rubber.

Vittoria Rubino Pro Slick tyre and Vittoria rim tape

After a couple of thousand kilometres, my rear Vittoria Rubino Pro tyre is beginning to look tread bare and has a few chips in the rubber. However, I still have not been let down with a puncture!

As a result, my tyres of choice at the moment are Vittoria Rubino Pros. I can purchase them online for only about $35, including delivery. Why would you skimp on tyres when it is only a couple of millimetres of rubber between you and a high speed crash?!?

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