Coleman comfort sling chair review and photos

My Coleman comfort sling chair is always the first one people sit on at the camp site. I often have to kick my kids, wife and other camp site visitors off the Coleman chair because it is always the one that people seem to find most comfortable.

Coleman comfort sling chair

Coleman comfort sling chair

I purchased my Coleman comfort sling chair for around $70 from Down Under Camping and have taken it on several camping trips in recent months.

Coleman comfort sling chair is actually comfortable!

While the Coleman comfort sling chair is a quad fold chair, it has a different folding mechanism to most other quad fold chairs on the market. The different folding mechanism means that the seat does not sag and the backrest is reclined with an ergonomically correct design to support the body’s natural position. Compare this with my review of the Oztent King Goanna chair.

While is it not a recliner chair, the Coleman comfort sling chair is aimed at relaxing around a camp site. Most people will find that this is not a comfortable chair for sitting at a table eating dinner — the seat is too low and the back rest too reclined. However, after dinner, when you are knocking back a wine or beer, then this is the chair everyone wants to sit in. It is reclined enough to be comfortable, but upright enough that you can still participate in a group conversation.

Coleman comfort sling chair

Coleman comfort sling chair

Specifications of the Coleman comfort sling chair

The Coleman comfort sling chair is only rated to 100 kg. I am 80 kg, so it is more than adequate for me and my family.

The chair weighs in at only 3.2 kg. According to my tape measure it is long at 115 cm packed, but a relatively slim package at approximately 17 cm wide by 12 cm deep at its widest point.

Coleman comfort sling chair packed in its bag

Coleman comfort sling chair packed in its bag

The mesh material of the Coleman comfort sling chair dries relatively quickly after a passing rain shower or heavy overnight dew.

My version of this chair must be an old model. The new models on Coleman’s web site have a different seat material and also a Glassp — Coleman’s universal cup holder. Coleman also do similar versions of this chair as part of the Foxy Lady range, which include a padded headrest as well as the Glassp.


I spent a long time searching for a camping chair that I found comfortable relaxing around a camp site, but would also fold up compact enough and be light enough to fit in with my other camping kit in my Toyota Prado. The Coleman comfort sling chair fits my requirements perfectly.

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  1. Helen George

    I was given a Oztent King Goana chair for Christmas last year & I can honestly say it is the most comfortable camp chair I have ever had. We have been campers for the last 30 years and it is the only one long enough in the seat not to cut off the circulation behind the knees. My husband has just gone through a very expensive camp chair that he also got last Christmas. His chair was also for 150kg & he is only 79kg. I have just been on line trying to find where to buy him a King Goana in western Qld.


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