Canvas tourer tent comparison

I am in the market for a canvas tourer tent. These tents are fast to set up and can be considered the original quick pitch tent. They are also heavy and bulky, but this is not a problem if you are touring in a car.

Having made the decision to buy a canvas tourer tent, I decided to conduct a comparison of the main features of the various extended tents on the market (much of the basic information will also apply to the standard single pole tents). I have generated the linked table below from readily available information on the internet — most has been compiled from the supplier web sites, but some has come from retail web site descriptions.

Canvas tourer tent comparison table (pdf; opens in new window)

The comparison table includes all brands that I could find, including:

The information, as far as I am aware, is correct as at July 2010. There are a number of blanks on the table where I have not been able to easily find information on the internet. For the tents I was interested in, I e-mailed the suppliers to find out any information that was not readily available. Prices are the lowest I have been able to find on the internet, but do not include freight. The prices are sometimes lower than recommended retail prices.

4 thoughts on “Canvas tourer tent comparison

  1. Colette

    How did the Darche tent go? I can’t open your comment to check out your review. Would love some feedback as finding it very hard to get any reviews on the darche tent.


  2. Eliza

    Hi Rex,

    I realise that this is a couple of years old now – however I am looking for a touring tent for our family (currently hubby, bubby & I – but eventually we hope there will be a couple of extra’s 🙂 we have come down to the darche safari ext vs the outdoor connection tanbar tourer – any feedback on either of these? I haven’t been able to find many reviews regarding these on the net 🙂

    1. Rex

      Hi Eliza

      I have not looked at these tents in some time.

      I briefly owned a Darche Safari Ext several years ago. It was the old model and it leaked through the window seams. Apparently a few of the tents had been sewn incorrectly around the windows. The company honoured its warranty and I returned the product. Photos of it here: The new model is significantly different and I would expect (hope) that they have resolved the issue.

      I can not comment on the Outdoor Connection Tanbar Tourer tent, other than the Tanbar Tourer’s seem to have a good reputation with my local camping store —



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