CouplerTec electronic rust prevention system installed on Toyota Prado

I recently had a heavy duty (four capacitive coupler pad model) CouplerTec electronic rust prevention system installed in my Toyota Prado by TJM at Coopers Plains.

I specifically purchased a second hand four wheel drive to go beach camping — I did not want to drive a $60,000 brand new car down the beach! Even though my Toyota Prado is second hand, I still wanted to install an electronic rust protection system in the vehicle. I decided on the CouplerTec because many people had recommended it.

I spoke to the CouplerTec sales representative at the Queensland Caravan and Camping Show run by Caravanning Queensland, and then subsequently emailed CouplerTec with my requirements. Basically, we will probably spend a maximum of two weeks a year on the beach, probably less. The heavy duty system was therefore recommended with four capacitive coupler pads by the CouplerTec show sales representative and the email response from CouplerTec.

Couplertec module fitted to Toyota Prado by TJM

CouplerTec push the self-installation aspect of their product. That is fine it you know what you are doing, and know which nooks and crannies in the vehicle that you can thread the conduit through. I did not, so rather than wasting hours trying to work it all out, I elected to get TJM at Coopers Plains to perform the installation.

The TJM customer service was great. The installation was okay, but I discovered that an engine breather pipe had not been reconnected after installation and the plastic conduit between the CouplerTec module and the rear capacitive coupler pads was touching the exhaust pipe and had already partially melted by the time I had driven home. I raised my issues with TJM and to their credit were apologetic and very quick to resolve my concerns. Thanks guys.

We are planning a trip to Stradbroke Island soon where beach driving is permitted (update: see story on driving on Straddie’s beaches). A trip to Fraser Island is probable in the next year or so, and this is some of the best beach driving in the world. As rust is something that develops over time, I guess the effectiveness of the CouplerTec system will only be evident some years into the future. Keep an eye on this ezine for updates!

Toyota Prado on Main Beach at Stradbroke Island

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  1. Lilia Rhodes

    I admire your love for your car by installing the rust prevention system. It’s quite expensive, but I know it will be worth it. The benefits of it will be more evident in the near future. Thanks for sharing this!


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