It’s not the saxophone!

In my initial review of the Sterling Bb tenor saxophone STS-500DN from Student Instruments, I was finding it difficult to consistently get crisp, clear notes every time — particularly lower G.

It seems that 20 years of not playing a saxophone was a more important factor than the eBay instrument. After three or four practices I can now hit all notes crisply. This may, however, also have something to do with using Rico Royal reeds instead of the reeds that the instrument came with — I have not tested this theory with a back-to-back comparison, and probably won’t.

That does not mean that I can now play the tenor saxophone well — it just means that I can no longer blame the cheap instrument for my lack of musical ability!!

2 thoughts on “It’s not the saxophone!

  1. George

    Interesting to see how few details there are on Sterling Saxophones. I got an alto (silver colour) Sterling as a kid in Cape Town in 1983.

    Was Sterling at some point British? Does anyone have any information
    on this brand?

    Many thanks.



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