Selmer Bundy II alto saxophone

I have not made a post recently, and have not yet put up a few photos of the instruments I have bought. I have been busy.

But not too busy to purchase a Selmer Bundy II alto saxophone off eBay. Apparently the instrument was used for about six months, and then left in its case for 10 years. The instrument was described as being in very good condition, but in my opinion needs work. I am not particularly concerned about a couple of minor dents in the foot of the saxophone, or a few scratches and some light tarnishing. However, a couple of keys are sticking, which means that the instrument is not playable. Playing a tune and the G# key does not lift off, or sometimes C turns into an A becase B does not lift. I am also having trouble playing low C cleanly.

I am going to drop the instrument into a repairer in the next few weeks. The notes that do play really sing, particularly in the upper register so I am looking forward to playing this sax properly.

I have ordered some alto saxophone music from Sheet Music Plus.

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