Invento-HQ Ready Sleddy kite

At the Redcliffe Kite Festival last week, I bought an Invento-HQ Ready Sleddy kite for my three-year-old daughter. I promised her that we would take it flying this weekend, which we did. I also took the opportunity to review the kite.

Invento-HQ Ready Sleddy kite

The kite flies very well. It is made of ripstop nylon and comes with (by my guess) around 200 foot of line. It is a small kite — the HQ web site says 30″ x 20″ — and has no spars. The kite and line spool packs down into a small pouch with a belt clip on the back.

The kite has low pull and flies at relatively low angles. With no spars, it is a great children’s kite.

Review summary
Value for money 7/10
Quality 9/10
Overall rating 8/10

One thought on “Invento-HQ Ready Sleddy kite

  1. Maxi

    I have got this sleddy too.
    i baught the Kite´n Book – Version: Kite and spool have their place in a square shaped jellow case (looks a little bit like a pencilcase) that has a beltclip at one corner.
    In a clear Pocket on the frontside of the case there is the place for a small booklet, that is a part of the set to buy.
    The booklet tells a beach- and kitefestival-story which includet all things to know about savety at kite flying.
    I think, that´s a good way to teach this things to children.
    Better than the standart instruction-paper.


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