Premier Kites Speed Foil Red Rainbow #64502

My wife’s mother rented us a place at the Gold Coast for the Labour Day long weekend. I turned up down there and the place was right on the beach! Problem was, I had left my quiver of kites at home. Bugger.

Premier Kites Speed Foil Red Rainbow #64502

First opportunity I scooted over to the local kite shop, Kamikaze Kites. Friendly folks they were. I was impressed at their range of kites overall. I already have several traditional stunt kites so wanted a parafoil. However, despite their range of other kites, they only had a couple of dual line foil kites. I wasn’t keen to spend more than $100, so settled on the Premier Kites Speed Foil Rainbow Red #64502. I understand from reading the web since that the kite is no longer made.

Premier Kites Speed Foil Red Rainbow #64502

Anyway, the kite is 140cm (55″) x 58 cm (23″). I chose the red rainbow version — the side facing the pilot is red, but the back is white. The kite packs up into what they call a fanny pack, but we Aussies would call a bum bag.

I got it back to the unit and took it down to the beach at the first opportunity — about 10-12 knots of wind. I set up the kite and launched it. Yee hah!! Straight to the top of the wind window where it sat nicely. I then began to play with it, after a while spearing across the power window. It is not called a speed foil for nothing!!

On review, the kite pulls quite nicely for its size, but it is still a small kite and is never going to drag you down the beach. Mind you, in the right breeze it has the potential to make you lean to counter-balance it.

With no spars to break, I was okay to let my wife crash it — sorry, I mean fly it! My three-year old daughter even had a go, randomly pulling on the lines until it crashed. My wife had to hold her down though because she was a little light!

The only draw back to the kite was that it was not easy to re-launch without going up to the kite and re-setting it in the sand. I understand a lot of other foils can be easily re-launched without having to trudge through the sand, re-set the kite, then trudge back again.

Still, I have had a ball with the kite so far.

Review summary
Value for money 8/10
Quality 9/10
Overall rating 8/10

2 thoughts on “Premier Kites Speed Foil Red Rainbow #64502

  1. Rod Williams

    Hey Rex,
    Just ran across your review. Thanks for the positive review, but I did want to let you and others know that this specific kite is still being made and we still sell it . However if you want I would suggest the next step up from the SPEED FOIL, is the OZONE range of kites. The IMP is available in a 2,3, and 4 line setup. If you or any one else would like to discuss the OZONE IMP range or any other kites, please call me, ROD, at Kamikaze Kites, 07 5592 5171. Thanks again, Rod

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