Ouch! — who’s got the video camera?

It was one of those moments where you just wished someone had a video camera handy. Skateboard three days old … careening down a hill … my dog stops running in front of me and I have no option but to go over the top of him, doing a hard landing on the road. Ouch! I would love to see the footage. It was a shame no one was around to watch.

Skateboard and dog are just fine. I have grazes on my hands, left shoulder and hip, and both knees. The worst injury is my right hand (see pic), but even that is not too bad.

Hand damage — ouch!


And yes, I did get back on the skateboard and ride it home!

Yee hah!

2 thoughts on “Ouch! — who’s got the video camera?

  1. Jimmy Smith

    I have had a few crashes on my BMX bike and have had a rock implanted in my knee 4mm in. My little finger has also been mangled when I crashed at Beenleigh skatpark and it went through anrher guys chain. This has changed my fingerprint so if i did any crimes before it happened (which of course i DIDNT) and i commited the whole crime with my little finger they would not be able to know it was me who did it. That was alittle tip to all you criminals out there, Run your fingers through a bicycle or even better a motorcycle chain AFTER you commit the crime


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