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Marshall MG10CF amplifier — review

I recently purchased a Marshall MG10CF amplifier as a practice amp. I have a Roland Cube 15XL in the living room, but when my wife is watching TV and the kids are in bed, I am not able to practice in the living room. I guess I could always drag the Roland amp to the other end of the house, but it is much easier just to have a second amp to plug mymore »

Roland Cube-15XL guitar amplifier review

Roland Cube-15XL guitar amplifier

The Roland Cube-15XL is a great little amplifier. The 15 watt amp is more than loud enough for home practice, but has a handy power squeezer function to achieve full gain at low volume if practising in a small room. The Roland Cube-15XL control panel includes: input jack three-band equalizer two channels, clean and lead with three BOSS distortion circuits to choose from AUX in jack recording out/phones jack. The recommended retail on the Rolandmore »

How to connect your guitar amp to your games console to play Rocksmith

Rocksmith guitar game

Connecting your guitar amplifier to your TV to play Rocksmith is easy if your amp has an AUX in jack. When I first got Rocksmith I plugged my PlayStation3 (PS3) into my Sony Bravia TV using the RCA cables from the games console. This resulted in significant lag between the screen, sound and my guitar. Rocksmith was no fun when you have to anticipate notes, and then the note played is not in timemore »