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Trends in internet browsers, search engines and operating systems

My blog and business web site statistics give me an insight into what is happening on the internet. Sure, it is a small, statistically-insignificant snapshot, but can be interesting none the less. The following numbers are for the last month. Take browsers for a moment. Visitors to this blog in the last month have used the following browsers. Internet Explorer 46.42% Firefox 39.27% Safari 8.08% Chrome 4.04% Opera, Mozilla, Camino, Konqueror and Operamore »

Vista sidebar gadgets stop working — possible fix

I recently bought a new PC running the Microsoft Windows Vista Business 32-bit operating system. After a couple of days, the gadgets in the sidebar stopped working. I Googled for an answer and came up with numerous posts about an issue with Internet Explorer 8. I decided to just put up with the issue and wait for Microsoft to bring out a patch. However, I recently changed back to a standard sized font and discovered thatmore »