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Dog poo worm farm nuked

After two years of successful operation of a dog poo worm farm (blog post 1, 2), I accidentally nuked it. The last time I gave my dogs an intestinal worm tablet, I promptly forgot about it. I remembered a couple of days later, but by then I had put several lots of poo in the worm farm. The worm tablet had gone right through my dogs and their worm tablet tainted poo nukedmore »

Dog poo worm farm update

Some time back I wrote a few handy tips on keeping a dog poo worm farm in working condition. I have been using a Reln Can-O-Worms to good effect for a couple of years. However, the dog poo worm farm has, quite frankly, become a bit stinky of late. My long suffering wife reckons that I have a theory for everything, and this is no different. 1) In the last six months our┬ásmallmore »

Dog poo worm farm

Disposing of dog poo can be difficult for suburban dog owners. Over the years we have┬átried practically everything, from wrapping and putting it in the rubbish bin, to the biological digesters that go in the ground. Nothing worked well — and in fact some were downright disgusting and nauseating! And then along came the worm farm — I bought a Reln Can-O-Worms and never looked back. We have a Hungarian Vizsla and amore »