BlackWolf Turbo Plus 240 — 2012/13 model

The BlackWolf Turbo Plus 240 2012/13 model has a new, larger awning that can be fitted with optional front and side panels. The awning provides a useful space to shelter from the weather — sun, rain, and with the optional panels fitted, wind. The new tent still has BlackWolf’s high quality and robust performance in bad weather.

I am a big fan of BlackWolf tents, so I was pleased to be offered the opportunity to test the Turbo Plus 240 2012/13 model tent. I received the latest model tent and set it up on my front lawn resulting in some first impressions. I had the chance to use the BlackWolf Turbo Plus 240 a few days later on a family camping trip to Lake Ainsworth Holiday Park at Lennox Heads in northern New South Wales.

BlackWolf Turbo Plus 240 tent at Lake Ainsworth Holiday Park

I have to confess, when I was originally offered the opportunity to test a 2012/13 model Blackwolf Turbo Plus 240, I was a little concerned about the new larger awning. I thought it would take longer to set up and in strong winds be an even larger kite than the previous awning. I had already experienced strong winds in my own BlackWolf Turbo Plus 300 tent (read article here) and was concerned that the larger awning would be a problem.

My concerns were unnecessary. Yes, the larger awning probably takes two more minutes to put in the ridge and third pole and to peg out the guy rope — no big deal for most people. And, yes, in very strong winds, like any awning, I am sure that the larger awning will need to be tied away. In the moderate winds from nearly every point of the compass during my stay at Lake Ainsworth Holiday Park, I was surprised how stable the larger awning was. I put this down to the ridge pole giving the awning a more solid shape. The eyelets at the front of the awning look strong and should be able to withstand quite a bit of punishment.

Ridge pole hooks into the bracket at the peak of the tent


Reinforced eyelets in the awning

The awning provides a useful shaded area at the front of the tent. With the side panels attached, which only take a couple of minutes to put up (the ones supplied were pre-production and I did not have the front panel), the awning provided a very useful sheltered area. (Update: I have received a front panel — comments and photos here.)

I connected the optional side panels so that I could take some photos. A few hours later the wind was picking up and we were leaving the camp site to travel to Bangalow for lunch, so I pulled the side panels down. On our return, my wife requested that the panels be put back up. The space under the awning became a favourite spot for the kids and my wife to spend some time, sheltered out of the wind, which was coming over the rear corner of the tent.

The awning and side panels provided a sheltered area that was popular with my wife and kids

I can also see people using the awning area with the panels up to store gear out of sight. It would be a useful place to store an icebox and chairs away from prying eyes while you are away from the camp site.

The awning does make the BlackWolf Turbo Plus 240 a long tent. I measured the tent and awning length at approximately 5.7 meters. Add another 1 metre at the back to guy out the rear of the tent and about 2 metres at the front for the awning guy ropes and that is nearly 9 metres in overall length! The camp sites at Lake Ainsworth Holiday Park were a generous size, but we stretched nearly the length of our site.

While talking about tent size, I was torn between testing the BlackWolf Turbo Lite Plus 300 or the smaller canvas Turbo Plus 240. In the end, I received the BlackWolf Turbo Plus 240. My own tent is a BlackWolf Turbo Plus 300, which at the time of purchase my wife was convinced was too small for our family of four. Halfway into the trip, my wife volunteered that the Turbo Plus 240 was quite big enough for us. We really only use our tent for sleeping and storing our clothes bags.

Bigger is not always best when camping, and the combination of the heavier canvas tent in a smaller size was perfect for my family of two adults and two primary school aged children.

The mosh pit on the final morning of our four-day camping trip — there are four beds and four bags of clothes in there

I found that the Turbo Plus 240 was easy to pack back into the bag. The packed length fits across the back of my Toyota Prado boot — my Turbo Plus 300 is too long to go in the boot and has to be carried on my roof rack. The Turbo Plus 240 would allow me to reorganise how I pack my car, with the tent in the boot and bulky, light items like clothes bags and bedding to go in a waterproof roof rack bag.

BlackWolf Turbo Plus 240 fits across the boot of my Toyota Prado

The new model Turbo Plus tents carry features from the previous years’ tents, such as the gusset windows and arched rear pole that allows water to shed better from the rear of the tent.

Rear of the BlackWolf Turbo Plus 240


Gusset windows allow you to get some ventilation during rain

The BlackWolf Turbo tents also have many other convenient features, such as a zip to feed a power cord into the tent, as well as velcro tabs to secure the power cord against the wall and a hook at the peak of the roof to hang a light. Ventilation flaps in the roof can be left open in all weather minimise condensation inside the tent and there are some handy storage pockets in the rear section of the tent.

Power cord inlet zipper and velcro tabs to secure the power cord to the corner of the tent


Hook for hanging a light, as well as velcro tabs (far side) for securing a power cord from the inlet at the bottom of the tent


Ventilation flap in the roof has tabs to fold it away, but I never bothered


Storage pockets are low in the rear of the tent (sleeping bag and pillow on the ground)

The 2012/13 model BlackWolf Turbo Plus 240 continues a tradition of quality, robust tents that will be the envy of other campers. One afternoon, I was lying in the tent having an afternoon nap (one of camping’s little luxuries!) and I overheard a very astute passer-by commenting to his mates that this was the latest model BlackWolf tent with the new larger awning. Well spotted!

12 thoughts on “BlackWolf Turbo Plus 240 — 2012/13 model

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  2. Ian

    Hi Rex,
    Good to read someones views on these tents having used them.
    I note that you were saying that the 240 is a good size for you and your family with 2 adults, and 2 children. I have 3 young children as well as 2 adults. Do you think the turbo 240 plus would be to small?, or would you tend to lean towards the 300 Plus lite. I note that you say your wife thought that the turbo 240 plus would be to small for your family.

    1. Rex

      Hi Ian

      Thanks for your comment.

      The BlackWolf Turbo Plus 240 is marketed as able to sleep seven people. Our beds are king single self-inflating mattress and swag sizes, so take up a bit more room than normal. Our four beds plus four bags of clothes takes up most of the floor space in the tent (see photo above — the silver floor near the door was the only space not covered).

      With two adults and three children, I would lean towards the Turbo Lite Plus 300, but do check out its packed length and whether it will fit in your car boot or on your roof rack. The 10-person Turbo Lite Twin 240 may also be an option for you if packed length is an issue.

      I would be interested to know which tent you decide on.


  3. Chris

    Hello I’m looking at the turbo twin, can any one tell we how well the curtain divider works at keeping out the nozzles. My wife is very concerned it doesn’t zip all the way around
    Thanks Chris

    1. Rex


      You mean keeping out the mozzies (not nozzles)?

      I can only talk about the BlackWolf Turbo Plus 300 and Turbo Plus 240 tents. In both tents, the windows and doors are all mozzie proof and should not let insects into the tent if kept closed.

      The room dividers only zip across the top and sides, not the bottom. They are not designed to keep mozzies out (the external windows and doors keep the mozzies out).

      My main concern is not with insects getting under the room dividers, but a child poking a head and beady set of eyes under the room dividers while my wife and I are, shall we say, getting amorous!


  4. Ray Weatherdon

    Hi. I owned a Blackwolf 240 in South Africa a while ago. Loved it. Are Blackwolf products available in the US. Please say yes, I want another one soooo bad!!!


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  7. John Hardwick

    Hi Rex, As you have experience with both the older two-pole Turbo tents and the newer three-pole style, I’m curious to hear your thoughts on how the older models fare by comparison.
    Our budget doesn’t stretch to buying a new Black Wolf but I’ve found a second hand 2011 model Turbo Lite 300 Plus that we can afford ($500) and it has only been used twice.
    I’m aware the newer awnings are better; the curved rear ‘Plus’ pole sheds water better, the window design has improved and I’ve also heard the pole hinge locking mechanism has changed. That’s quite a few updates, so I’m wondering if this means the older ones had some inherent problems.
    With our budgetary constraints we’re either looking at the old model Black Wolf or a brand new OzTrail Fast Frame cabin tent. While the OzTrail clearly has a cheaper frame, it appears to use similar fabric to the Black Wolf Lite and does feature a large three pole awning.
    Decisions decisions…
    PS. I your blog is great and really informative – cheers!

    1. Rex Post author

      Hi John.

      Sorry for the late reply. The older model Blackwolf tents are still great tents; it is just that the new tents have some extra features. My own tent is a Blackwolf Turbo 300 Plus and I have no plans on upgrading it.


  8. Stuart Killeen

    John Hardwick. Check out Snowys they have a great range including older models at great prices. Hope you don’t mind my comment Rex. Great review and very helpful as I am doing some research into this tent for my sister.


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