Bling Old School skateboard — more comments

Now that I have had my Bling Old School skateboard for a week or so — and traveled around 50 km on it with my trusty dog — I thought I would provide a few more comments.

Bling Old School skateboard

The skateboard is relatively stable at speed. Certainly, I can ride it faster than my dog can run, and he can run at about twice the speed I can! So we are not hanging around when we get any sign of speed wobbles.

I note that the deck is made from three-ply, and from what appears to be bamboo. This does not overly concern me because when we were looking for flooring for a house, some of the super-hard floors were made from processed bamboo. Some Sector 9 skateboard decks are also made from bamboo. Whatever the case, this is a sturdy skateboard. The board easily carries my 85 kg weight.

Bling Old School skateboard

Bling Old School skateboard

One of my biggest complaints is actually a small detail.

When the skateboard was delivered, the deck was plastic wrapped. However, when the trucks were screwed to the deck, they had been bolted through the plastic bag. After ripping off the plastic bag, I still had some loose pieces of plastic hanging from the trucks and lodged around the screws on top of the deck. To clean up the plastic shreds, I had to pull the trucks off the skateboard and then reassemble them again.

No big deal really; just an inconvenience when I could have spent my time doing other things — like riding the skateboard!

Review summary
Value for money 9/10
Quality 9/10
Overall rating 8/10

5 thoughts on “Bling Old School skateboard — more comments

  1. Jack

    hi im looking at buying the Bling old school board and was wondering where you bought it from?? I live in Brisbane and couldnt seem to find anything on the internet.



  2. Rex


    Bling Old School was purchased from SkaterHQ. See link in this post

    I ended up giving this board to the teenage boy next door. The kid is always on it riding the streets and up and down the driveway. He gives the board a hell of a beating. It seems to be standing up well and the kid loves it!


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  4. Emma May

    hey there,
    after befriending a french packpacker (who so happened to be skating around sydney, shirtless), my love and appreciation for skating has increased 10-fold. memories of years ago spent watching my older brothers, their friends and countless dvds have been restored!
    as my french man believes, sydney is a great place for skating – plenty of concrete and a lack of police interest has led to consider purchasing a skatie of my own. ive spied upon the bsb model, and i want it!
    after asking the sales guy about feedback from this board (and getting none) except for his concerns about the griptape and it’s poor quality. i assume it’s easy to replace?
    regardless, im going to buy it tomorrow. its just sitting there, waiting for me.
    i love impulse buys 🙂
    thanks for listening, im off to dream some more.
    until tomorrow, e.


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