eBay: To buy or not to buy? That is the question.

Don’t you just love all the bargains that you can buy on eBay? … or is that, hate all the overpriced rubbish on eBay?

I guess caveat emptor — let the buyer beware — applies.

I got burnt when I bought a one cent KiteOL Speed Foil KM5009 kite (check out the last review) off eBay. I guess you could ask, ‘What did I expect from a one cent kite?’ But I also paid $19 postage, and that was grossly inflated. I figured that I would let seller OZ-AUCTION make a bit of money off the postage in exchange for a cheap sale price on the kite. What did I have to lose? $19.01 apparently!

I had previously bought bargain store stunt kites (see second last review) with some success, so had some level of expectation.

Sadly, the kite was not as advertised. The kite was not made of ripstop nylon; nor was it either a power kite or a speed foil. It was a slow slug of a kite with no pull. I guess it would satisfy those with absolutely no kite experience because at least it flew.

I did not leave a poor rating for the seller because they said that they would only give me a rating once I had provided a rating. Basically they held buyers to ransom; if the buyer gave the seller a poor rating, then the buyer could expect a similarly negative response, even if they had been a model eBayer. I have found this practice common with regular eBay sellers.

So now to my current dilemma. Do I buy a longboard skateboard off eBay? The problem is, the skateboards that are advertised do not appear to be widely available from traditional retailers. That concerns me.

Watch this space

2 thoughts on “eBay: To buy or not to buy? That is the question.

  1. george

    I recently bought a guitar + amp package off these clowns. The guitar was the worst peice of shit I have seen in my life. The freboard had cracks, the neck had chips, you could not tune it, you could not play any chords on the top half, coz the strings where so high, the wood was rotten. I tried calling them up 10 times, over differnt times and differnt days and all you get is a voicemail from an Asian women who barley speaks any English. I have filed a complaint against them and am now waiting for my money back. They have no reason to give me a bad rating because I made the payment withing 30 seconds, so if they try to give me negative feedback, I can report them to ebay, and they can be banned from ever using ebay under their current address (which is probably fake anyway)

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