New Phase 1 (P1) longboard

I did it. Yesterday.

Despite my misgivings, I have gone and bought a new Phase 1 (P1) longboard skateboard 42″ x 9″ with Canadian Maple deck and 50 degree trucks fromĀ eskatestuff on eBay. (There. I got in all the keywords for Google searches!). Cost? $130 plus $20 postage to Brisbane.

I will be interested to see how the skateboard goes. I will post a review once I have received the longboard.

Update 6 April 2008: It appears that eskatestuff are no longer selling these skateboards under the Phase 1 name. Their current boards are branded Vault.

7 thoughts on “New Phase 1 (P1) longboard

  1. Nick

    i have the bling old school skateboard and personly i think that it is a bit too rigid and i had to loosen my trucks on my old birdhouse this was not the case. Im thinking about putting new wheels on. Do you recomend andything

  2. Rex

    I gave the Bling Old School to the lad next door. He is 14(ish) and has a ball on it blasting around the streets. Unfortunately it just was not big enough for me.

    The upshot is, I do not have the board anymore, so could not recommend anything.


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