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Coleman Powerhouse 414 dual fuel stove review

My recent purchase of a Coleman Powerhouse 414 dual fuel stove from Great Escape Camping completes the elimination of LPG cylinders from my camping kit. I love the stove, but it does have a couple of quirks. I started my transition to dual fuel gear by purchasing a Coleman Premium 285 dual fuel lantern — my review here. I was very happy with its performance, so decided to purchase the stove and a second lantern. I ammore »

Coleman two-mantle dual-fuel lantern review

After experiencing the convenience, simplicity and safety of a Coleman dual-fuel lantern, I really do not understand why they are not more popular. The true camping diehards know a good thing though, and you often see dual-fuel gear in their camping kits. I recently purchased a new Coleman two-mantle, dual-fuel lantern off eBay. It appears that there are two versions of what look like the same lantern in online photos. The main obvious visualmore »