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Coleman Powerhouse 414 dual fuel stove review

My recent purchase of a Coleman Powerhouse 414 dual fuel stove from Great Escape Camping completes the elimination of LPG cylinders from my camping kit. I love the stove, but it does have a couple of quirks. I started my transition to dual fuel gear by purchasing a Coleman Premium 285 dual fuel lantern — my review here. I was very happy with its performance, so decided to purchase the stove and a second lantern. I ammore »

Seasoning your carbon steel or cast iron fry pan or wok — instructions

How do you season and clean your brand new carbon steel (black steel) or cast iron fry pan or wok? Different manufacturers recommend many different techniques. In the first instance, you may want to try their recommended method. When that does not work, try the following. I have tested this method on a de Buyer Carbone Plus carbon steel fry pan; a Wiltshire carbon steel wok; and an eBay, no-brand cast iron griddle pan. Followingmore »

Camping cookware — deciding on pots and pans

Putting together your camping kit is an exercise in compromises. You want the most comfort and functionality, but only have limited cargo capacity to transport the gear to your camp site. There can be other practical considerations too, like how one piece of gear interacts with other gear, or how robust the gear is. This is certainly the case for camping cookware. I want to be able to cook the largest possible range ofmore »