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Rhino-Rack Pioneer Alloy Platform Rack System – first photos

The photos in this article are possibly the first photos on the internet of the Rhino-Rack Pioneer Alloy Platform Rack System fitted to a  Toyota Prado 120 series. I could not find any photos on the internet of the roof rack fitted to a  Toyota Prado at the time I was making my purchase decision. The system is made up of the Pioneer Platform (part number 42102) and leg set RLCP03. I had the roof rack suppliedmore »

Driving Duck Creek Road to O’Reilly’s

Duck Creek Road is a great track to try if you are new to four wheel driving, or only have a soft roader or SUV. With the drought-breaking rain in recent years, Duck Creek Road has become sufficiently rough to warrant carefully thinking about where you plant your wheels, but not so challenging that you are likely to get stuck or seriously damage your vehicle. I recently took the family on a fourmore »

80 channel UHF information

I have difficulty remembering which UHF CB radio channel I should be using. Here is my handy list for 80 Channel UHF. Duplex channels Repeater output 1-8 (5 emergency use only) 41-48 Repeater channels press the DUPLEX button on your radio to use any available repeaters Repeater input – do not use for simplex 31-38 (35 emergency use only) 71-78 Simplex channels 9-21 24-30 39-40 49-60 64-70 78-80 10 – 4WD drivers convoy,more »

Rhino-Rack Pioneer Alloy Platform Rack purchase decision

I have found the perfect roof rack for my Toyota Prado — a Rhino-Rack Pioneer Alloy Platform Rack (42102). (See my photos here.) Some time back I did some calculations. I wanted to raise my Prado and fit a roof rack, while also staying under 2 m in overall vehicle height. I wanted to add some ground clearance to the 4WD and increase the luggage capacity for camping, all while maintaining the vehicle’s othermore »

Off road in the Glasshouse Mountains and D’Aguilar National Parks

I finally got my Toyota Prado off road in the Glasshouse Mountains National Park and the D’Aguilar National Park. The D’Aguilar National Park was easy driving. I had the car in HL most of the time, except for a couple of steep decents where I used LL. We did not venture off the beaten track, but I am sure there were some more challenging tracks to be found. We ventured to the Glasshouse Mountains Nationalmore »

Prado fuel economy — whether to run premium unleaded petrol?

The Toyota Prado owner’s manual states that my 2005 Prado GXL 120 series with the 4.0 L petrol engine (1GR-FE engine) should be run on unleaded petrol (gasoline) with a RON of 91 or higher. For improved vehicle performance they recommend using fuel with a RON of 95 or higher. But what difference does this actually make in the real world? And does the increased efficiency of premium fuel offset its higher price?more »

Toyota Prado clearance in shopping centre car parks — with lift and racks?

I am planning to add a few accessories to my Toyota Prado to make it a better beach and bush camping tourer. In particular, I want to add roof racks and luggage tray, and possibly 2″ larger rubber and a 2″ lift to give me extra clearance under the vehicle. My Prado also gets used as a run-around-town car. It therefore has to fit into car parks. Most car parks in our part of the world seemmore »