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Coleman comfort sling chair review and photos

Coleman comfort sling chair

My Coleman comfort sling chair is always the first one people sit on at the camp site. I often have to kick my kids, wife and other camp site visitors off the Coleman chair because it is always the one that people seem to find most comfortable. I purchased my Coleman comfort sling chair for around $70 from Down Under Camping and have taken it on several camping trips in recent months. Coleman comfort sling chair is actuallymore »

Sleeping bag care and washing for various brands

Cleaning a sleeping bag may not be as simple as stuffing it in a washing machine and then hanging it out to dry. In fact, you can permanently damage some sleeping bags by doing this. When it was time to purchase a new sleeping bag, I did some online research to find a sleeping bag that could be easily cleaned. When I purchased my first swag — a Burke & Wills Ironbark swagmore »

Coleman Powerhouse 414 dual fuel stove review

My recent purchase of a Coleman Powerhouse 414 dual fuel stove from Great Escape Camping completes the elimination of LPG cylinders from my camping kit. I love the stove, but it does have a couple of quirks. I started my transition to dual fuel gear by purchasing a Coleman Premium 285 dual fuel lantern — my review here. I was very happy with its performance, so decided to purchase the stove and a second lantern. I ammore »

Camping cookware — deciding on pots and pans

Putting together your camping kit is an exercise in compromises. You want the most comfort and functionality, but only have limited cargo capacity to transport the gear to your camp site. There can be other practical considerations too, like how one piece of gear interacts with other gear, or how robust the gear is. This is certainly the case for camping cookware. I want to be able to cook the largest possible range ofmore »

Coleman two-mantle dual-fuel lantern review

After experiencing the convenience, simplicity and safety of a Coleman dual-fuel lantern, I really do not understand why they are not more popular. The true camping diehards know a good thing though, and you often see dual-fuel gear in their camping kits. I recently purchased a new Coleman two-mantle, dual-fuel lantern off eBay. It appears that there are two versions of what look like the same lantern in online photos. The main obvious visualmore »