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Miche Pistard WR track wheelset review

The Miche Pistard WR track wheelset is possibly the best value-for-money off-the-shelf track wheelset for training, and club and junior racing. I purchased a Miche Pistard WR wheelset from Wiggle, delivered to Australia for around $300. They have been a bullet-proof set of track wheels for training and club racing. General description The Miche Pistard WR track wheelset has 24 spokes radial laced on the front wheel, and 32 spokes three-cross laced onmore »

Try the track at Chandler Velodrome

Trying the track at Chandler Velodrome in Brisbane, Queensland is relatively simple if you are already part of a cycling club that rides on the track — most clubs will happily introduce existing members to riding on the track. However, many riders who want to ride on the track are not yet part of a cycling club, so following is a simple guide to getting on Chandler Velodrome for the first time. The informationmore »

Club cycling sessions at Chandler Velodrome

A race start at Repsych's Winter Track Racing Series

If you are new to track cycling in Brisbane, then you are probably wondering about the various cycling sessions held at Chandler Velodrome every week — what is the track cycling scene in Brisbane? Knowing what is on offer may influence your decision on which cycling club to join, as well as help you find sessions that suit your age, ability and fitness. To ride on Chandler Velodrome, you will need to holdmore »

How steep is the banking angle on Chandler Velodrome?

I have had three training sessions with Repsych Training and Development recently on Chandler Velodrome and wondered how steep the banking angle really was. The velodrome banking angle is quite deceptive because of the curve of the track. From the grandstands, it appears quite shallow banking; when you are riding around the top of the banking, it appears very steep! Track statistics on the internet are scarce. About the only (semi)-reliable source Imore »

A MAMIL’s first velodrome cycling experience

Cycling Queensland Chandler Velodrome track hire bikes

I am a middle aged man in lycra – a MAMIL. I raced road bicycles in my school teenage years. I also rode a few laps around the Silverdome (Launceston’s velodrome) in the mid-80s. Apart from that, I have never ridden on the track. It was time to step up to the velodrome. A few years ago I looked down and decided that my middle-aged spread had to go. I tried running, but itmore »

Building up a Cycling Deal track/fixie frame TF — tips and tricks

Cycling Deal track/fixie frame TF

Building up a fixie/singlespeed frame is pretty simple. There are no finiky derailleurs to adjust or cables to run. You can generally just bolt on wheels, drive train, steering assembly and a saddle. When building up my Cycling Deal track/fixie frame TF, I did find three quirks that needed to be resolved. 1. Seat post — to shim, or not to shim There are many reviews on the internet saying that people needed tomore »

Continental Grand Prix 4000S vs Vittoria Rubino Pro — which is best?

Which rubber to ride on your bicycle is a very subjective choice. Vittoria Rubino Pros have been a long time favourite bike tyre of mine. I recently put a set of Continental Grand Prix 4000s tyres on my Wabi Special bicycle. This article is my subjective comparison. Following is a quick snapshot of the differences between the bike tyres. Continental Grand Prix 4000S Vittoria Rubino Pro Manufacturer summary Top choice of serious race bikemore »