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Cooper Tires ATRs — 25,000 km performance update

My Cooper Tires ATRs have performed faultlessly on my Toyota Prado during the last 25,000 km of driving in the city, bush, beaches and camping. There was one thing that I remember from my university marketing 101 subject 20+ years ago. That was, if you want to increase sales, you can do one of three things: improve your product reduce your price increase your promotion (advertising/marketing). Using elasticity of demand curves, somehow, youmore »

CouplerTec electronic rust prevention system installed on Toyota Prado

I recently had a heavy duty (four capacitive coupler pad model) CouplerTec electronic rust prevention system installed in my Toyota Prado by TJM at Coopers Plains. I specifically purchased a second hand four wheel drive to go beach camping — I did not want to drive a $60,000 brand new car down the beach! Even though my Toyota Prado is second hand, I still wanted to install an electronic rust protection system in the vehicle. Imore »

Cooper Tires ATR or BF Goodrich All Terrain T/A on Toyota Prado?

When replacing the tyres on my Toyota Prado, I narrowed my choice to fitting Cooper Tires ATR or BF Goodrich All Terrain T/A tyres. After comparing them, I eventually fitted the Cooper Tires ATR. Toyota Prado background I recently purchased a 2005 Toyota Prado GXL 120 series. The car was in immaculate condition with no accessories fitted and still running the original equipment brand of tyres – Goodyear AT20 Grandtreks. These tyres are highway orientatedmore »