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Improving your running form with a metronome

Let me get one thing clear straight up: I am a lazy runner. I began running again about 25 kg more than my weight when I last ran as a teenager. Minimising the effort required to lug around the extra flab was essential to get me running. This is my experience. I began my journey by trying to find hints that would minimise the effort required to run. In the process, I discoveredmore »

Garmin FR60 initial impressions

You want to monitor heart rate and pace, but can not afford (or do not want) a GPS enabled watch. The Garmin FR60 HRM and foot pod bundle is the answer. Let’s face it, I know where I am running so do not need a GPS, but it is much more difficult to calculate distance and pace on the fly, so in my opinion, the FR60 bundle is ideal. I picked up mymore »

Specialist running stores in Brisbane

My ultimate running goal race is to run a half marathon the year of (or before) my 40th birthday. Running a half marathon is going to be a challenge and will require some specialist running gear, both for the training and the race itself. So I set out to visit each of the three specialist running stores in Brisbane that I know. Yes, there are numerous Sports Power, Rebel Sport, Amart All Sports, etc.,more »

Run on dudes!

In the last eight or so months, I have got into running. This is a pretty good effort given that at the beginning of the year I could barely walk because of a back injury cause by trying to shift a marble-topped table in a restaurant! 20 years ago I used to do some running, but only as part of triathlons. My preferred sport was cycling. I could just struggle around a 1more »