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Study of Hungarian Vizsla weight (2019)

The page is a work in progress. If you would like to share this page, please use the link Abstract The weight data forĀ 591 Hungarian Vizslas (297 males and 294 females) was collected through the Vizslas Facebook Group and Hungarian Vizslas Australia Facebook Group. The average weight of mature male Hungarian Vizslas in the sample was 27.2 kg (60.0 lbs). The lightest in the sample was 17.2 kg (37.9 lbs), while themore »

Trends in internet browsers, search engines and operating systems

My blog and business web site statistics give me an insight into what is happening on the internet. Sure, it is a small, statistically-insignificant snapshot, but can be interesting none the less. The following numbers are for the last month. Take browsers for a moment. Visitors to this blog in the last month have used the following browsers. Internet Explorer 46.42% Firefox 39.27% Safari 8.08% Chrome 4.04% Opera, Mozilla, Camino, Konqueror and Operamore »

Blog stats

It is easy to underestimate a relatively innocuous blog like this one. Who wants to read about seemingly inane subjects like dog poo worm farms, my problems with our Subaru Forester or any of the other subjects on this blog. Well apparently if you have an international audience, other people do. Here are a few statistics from April 2009 (excluding my own visits): 720 unique visitors from 281 cities 1059 page views visitorsmore »