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How to pass the Rocksmith soundcheck

Jose Ferrer El Primo classical nylon-string guitar

Many people seem to be having trouble passing the Rocksmith soundcheck. I have passed the Rocksmith soundcheck using several guitars. Following is how I do it. Guitars I have used to pass the Rocksmith soundcheck I have managed to pass Rocksmith‘s soundcheck using the following guitars: Yamaha F310P acoustic guitar using a transducer (piezo) pickup blue-tacked behind the saddle on the body of the guitar Ibanez miKro GRGM21M (¾-size electric guitar) Cort Earth-Mini guitarmore »

Tarp set ups — photos of great camp sites

20' x 24' tarp with ridge pole over Jackaroo dome tent

Tarps provide great weather protection while camping, whether from the rain or sun. Following are some  tarpaulin set ups ranging from small and simple, to massive! Looking at other people’s camping set up always inspires me to make my own set up better. I have ordered the photos in terms of size and complexity. The larger set ups on this page take some time to erect, so should only be considered if you aremore »

How to repair a 4WD self-inflating mattress

My DMH Outdoors 4WD self-inflating mattresses have had a hard life. One of the four mattresses that I purchased now has a puncture in it and needed to be repaired. We have both the DMH Outdoors Off-Road (10 cm) and Bush-Mate (8 cm) 4WD self-inflating mattresses. They have been used on numerous camping trips, but also were used for a couple of months as our primary beds after we were flooded in the Queensland 2011 floods.more »

How to stop kids tripping over tent guy ropes at night

No matter how many times you tell children to walk around the guy ropes on a tent, sooner or later they will trip over them — usually at night. An inexpensive and easy solution is to place children’s bracelet glow sticks around the end of each guy rope at dusk. During the day, most children will see guy ropes and walk around them. Unfortunately, at night, the guy ropes disappear into the darkness andmore »

How to fit your family’s camping gear in your car — storage drawers, plastic crates or bags?

You are taking your family camping, but you just can not fit all your gear in the car. How can you maximise the gear that you can take? First off be realistic with what you need to take — after all, camping is about living outdoors for a while, not living it up in a 5-star hotel. See my my camping gear checklist for my view on the essentials for car-based camping. Next, whenmore »

How to ride your bicycle faster, further, stronger

Most fitness riders want to be able to ride faster, further and be stronger. While they are not competitively racing, they still want to be able to keep up with their riding buddies, win the crazy-fun sprint at the end of the ride and power up hills. Here are a few simple tips to allow you to do just that. First off, I assume that you have a half decent bike. It doesmore »

The best way to fold your tarp

Folding a tarpaulin is a simple skill that will help you fold several items in your camping kit down to a small size. This tarp folding technique can be used on all types of tarps including canvas, poly and shade mesh tarps, as well as for folding other camping equipment, such as tents and flys. I have used a small silver poly tarpaulin in the photos below for illustrative purposes. The same technique works formore »