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Australian catch-up TV resources

Apparently there is a move away from so called ‘appointment viewing’ where we patiently wait for our favourite TV shows to come on in their designated timeslot, to ‘convenience viewing’ where we simply stream TV shows to our screens whenever and wherever we want to watch television shows. Now that I have sufficient bandwidth, I am rapidly becoming hooked on convenience viewing. Not only have we streamed rented movies from iTunes and BigPond Movies,more »

Snake in the grass

The unseasonal hot weather in Queensland this winter has brought the snakes out early — this photo was taken on 4 August! We spotted this carpet python in the grass near some children’s play equipment at our local park in Brisbane. By my guess the carpet snake was around 2 metres long. The snake was a little slow as it was not really warm enough for it to have come out of hybernation.more »

Fly swat physics

I never thought I would have a rant about fly swats, but here goes. 😉 Me? Procrastinating from doing other things? Never! Recently our fly swat had been swatted a few too many times and was beginning to break. After many successful swats, I was in danger of my swatter falling to bits. This, of course, is an essential item in any Australian household. I checked in Coles, but it seems they nomore »

Toolooa class of 1988

I was toying with the idea of organising a Toolooa State High School class of 1988 gathering (I didn’t want to call it a 20-year school reunion) last year. However, events overcame me — my employee who I had assigned the task to was poached; and I got too busy to organise the event myself. So apologies to those people who expressed an interest in getting together. I also pulled down the Toolooa Classmore »

Eagle Boys pizza censorship

Eagle Boys has been reported in the media today as having placed videos on YouTube indicating that Dominos large pizzas are smaller than those of Eagle Boys. One of the videos also implies that the Dominos delivery driver’s penises are small. Firstly, Dominos pizzas taste much better than Eagle Boys. Secondly, I know that I am buying a pizza large enough for my wife and I when I buy a Dominos pizza. Quality overmore »

Late night visitor

I had a 1am visitor last night — about 1.7 metres, slim, curvy … mmmm. My wife was not impressed. I think that she should be more liberal and open minded.      

Telstra are bastards

Okay. This is a rant. Telstra are bastards. I have a long standing dislike of Telstra. In my experiecne they have an extremely aggressive corporate culture in the upper echelons, and a lazy culture in the lower echelons typified by their ‘1980’s government worker’ stereotype, even though they are no longer a government entity. Today’s outburst comes from my most recent brush with the bastards from Telstra. All my telecommunications accounts — mobile,more »