New web content projects — PR-friendly news ezine and photo blog

While I have not made too many posts to Bloke’s Post in the last couple of months, I have been busy developing some other web content projects.

Bloke’s Zine — a PR-friendly news ezine


Bloke’s Zine (link not yet released) is my newest web content project. It will be a PR-friendly news ezine/blog that will focus on similar topics to Bloke’s Post. I am actively seeking media releases on the following topics:

  • men’s interest
  • music/concerts/guitars
  • camping/four wheel driving
  • cycling/bicycles
  • travel/destinations
  • men’s health.

Please email media releases on the above topics to in plain text or Microsoft Word format (no PDFs, please) with an accompanying JPG image (size 500 pixels wide, please).

The web site design will be responsive, meaning that it will be viewable on devices from smartphones with small screens through to desktop computers. I am still developing the design and content for this web site, so have not yet linked to the site from this page. I will update this page when I do release it, hopefully within the next week.

Bloke’s Len’s — a photo blog


Bloke’s Lens is a photo blog. That means that there are very few words on its pages. Photos tell the story on Bloke’s Lens, but make sure that you read the signs in the photos because they often add context to the other photos.

The individual posts of Blokes Lens can often be short and uninformative. It is only when you start exploring slices of the photo blog that interesting stories begin to emerge. Rather than letting people stumble around hoping that they find something interesting, I have selected a few slices (based on tags) that together tell a story.

The links below show slices of the blog in chronological order (oldest posts first, except as noted) so that you read them in the order that the events occurred.

  • Coffee – photos of coffee that I have drunk, mostly in Brisbane (newest posts first)
  • ex-Tropical Cyclone Oswald – the after effects of ex-Tropical Cyclone Oswald in Brisbane, including the threat of the Brisbane River flooding
  • Victorian High Country – a couple of days spent in the Victorian High Country
  • Melbourne Region Holiday – our family holiday in Melbourne, Phillip Island and Lorne
  • Melbourne Road Trip – my road trip from Brisbane to Melbourne via Burke down the Kidman Way, returning via the Newell Highway.

Bloke’s Lens can also be viewed in a traditional blog format with posts in reverse chronological order (newest posts first).

  • Bloke’s Lens – photo blog in a traditional blog format, including the latest posts.

I started the Bloke’s Lens photo blog in December 2012 as a way to instantly share holiday snaps with family. The majority of photos are taken with my mobile phone (currently a Samsung Galaxy Ace 2) and are often uploaded to the internet only minutes after the photos have been taken. Because of the instantaneous nature of the photo blog posted through my mobile phone with its small screen, it can be difficult to review photos before they go live. I therefore usually review photos at a later date on my PC.

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