Photos from Noosa River Caravan Park camping trip

Following are a few photos from our recent camping trip to Noosa River Caravan Park. It is a great location. This was the second time we have stayed there (first trip here). We took the kids this time and used our dome tent. This kids loved waking up in the morning and having breakfast right on the water’s edge.

First a bit of a rant. This was our second trip to theĀ Noosa River Caravan Park — an absolutely fantastic location, but both times I was disappointed with the amount of small pieces of litter on the ground. Just bottle caps, a couple of cigarette butts and the occasional piece of plastic or paper. But come on folks, this site is right on the water’s edge — put your rubbish in the bin. You are spoiling an absolutely pristine location. Rant over.

If you have a large tent or large tarpaulin that you like to use, you might want to ask about theĀ site sizes — our site was supposed to be around 6 m x 5 m. That would not have been big enough for our tent and gear. Fortunately my wife’s friends who were supposed to be camping with us that weekend did not come because of the poor predicted weather — 35 knots and rain on Friday evening. We therefore got to use two sites, which we fitted on comfortably.

We went up on Saturday morning and it was still blowing 20 knots straight up Noosa River to our camp site — at least it was sunny though. I had to erect a wind break from cheap blue poly tarps and some tarp poles before I could set up the tent! And forget about setting up the tarp over the top of the camp site. Fortunately the following two days were sunny with a gentle breeze blowing.

Wind break in front of Jackaroo dome tent

Wind break made from cheap blue poly tarps

Jackaroo dome tent on the edge of the Noosa River

Activity on the foreshore -- our tent was pitched near the palm tree

Sunset on the Noosa River

Sunset on the Noosa River

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