Guitar lessons

A couple of months ago I had the great idea of learning to play guitar. In my teens, I played saxophone, and before that a bit of piano. Guitar seems much cooler.

So I bought a Yamaha FG720S acoustic to learn on. It plays well, but I have a three year old daughter, so I can’t leave the guitar lying around. I therefore bought myself a cheap Yamaha F310P acoustic that I can leave lying around and pick up and play anytime I want. If my daughter trashes it while I am not looking, who cares? The F310P does not play as well as the FG720S. In particular, the tone is not as good, and the action is higher than I like, especially on the frets near the guitar body. For a practice guitar it is just fine though.

I have taught myself how to play a couple of tunes, like Baa Baa Black Sheep …

Anyway, my wife bought me guitar lessons with the Holland Park Guitar Studio for Christmas. I have booked in for lessons. My first one is tomorrow. The guy who will be teaching me wasn’t even born when I was playing saxophone! It will be good to get some tuition to make sure that I am on the right track.

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