Kite quiver

Having just bought a yellow PKD Buster II 2m parafoil power kite off eBay, I thought that it was time to take stock of my kite quiver. Here goes:

1 x PKD Buster II 2m
1 x Prism Stylus P3
1 x Prism Hypnotist
1 x Premier Kites Speed Foil 1x
1 x High as a Kite Rascal Stunt Kite
1 x HQ Ready Sleddy
1 x KiteOL Speed Foil KM5009 (it flies crap … don’t waste your money)
3 x miscellaneous deltas
4 x bargain shop stunters (they fly well!)
3 x bargain shop diamonds (they fly okay for a diamond kite)

You will find reviews and commentary on many of these kites by browsing the kites category of this blog.

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