What a hoot!

I bought a skateboard from SkaterHQ in Sydney this week. I ordered it over the Internet late Monday evening, and it was delivered on Thursday to Brisbane. That is good service.

I rode skateboards when I was a teenager, but just the cheap crappy plastic K Mart ones. I always aspired to own one of the bigger boards. It has only taken me 20 years to do so!

The skateboard is a Bling Old School. It cost me $134.95 plus $12.78 postage. A nicely understated board — no lairy graphics or anything. I bought the skateboard to ride when taking my dog for a walk — hence it is a cruiser-style board. Dimensions are:

  • width 7.875″
  • length 30″
  • bearings ABEC 5
  • wheels 59 mm 85a Cruiser.

Hungarian Vizsla dog and Bling Old School skateboard

I took the skateboard for a ride this evening and what a hoot!

My dog is a slightly built Hungarian Vizsla. He is a tall dog for the breed, but weighs in at about 28 kg. And he loves to run! He dragged me up slight inclines, and we raced each other down them. He loved it! And so did I.

Given that I have not ridden a board for 20 years, it took me a little while to get used to it. The first couple of times we got a bit of speed going, I started to get speed wobbles. After a bit of practice, I could bomb down reasonable sized hills okay, with my dog in hot pursuit!

I can’t wait to get out on the skateboard again.

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