Eagle Boys pizza censorship

Eagle Boys has been reported in the media today as having placed videos on YouTube indicating that Dominos large pizzas are smaller than those of Eagle Boys. One of the videos also implies that the Dominos delivery driver’s penises are small.

Firstly, Dominos pizzas taste much better than Eagle Boys. Secondly, I know that I am buying a pizza large enough for my wife and I when I buy a Dominos pizza. Quality over quantity I reckon — and I am happy to pay for it.

When I posted comments to that effect in response to the Eagle Boy’s YouTube videos, within hours, they were deleted. It seems that Eagle Boys can hand out the criticism, but can not take it. Ohh well. They can not delete the comments from here.

Let me repeat: Dominos pizzas taste better than Eagle Boys pizzas. And quite frankly, who cares if they are a little smaller if I enjoy their product more!

But if you really want to get serious about great pizza, none of the big chains can compete with the great pizzas from Slice Pizza in Brisbane.


23 thoughts on “Eagle Boys pizza censorship

  1. Rex

    Eagle Boys continue to censor comments on their YouTube videos, removing all comments that criticise the taste of their pizzas. I wonder why? Perhaps because their BIG cardboard box tastes better that their pizza inside?




    If you eat from nearly all of the Dominos pizzas stores in australia you have the chance of becoming very ill.
    Did you know that apart from selling very small pizzas for the same price as EagleBoys Dominos puts onto the pizzas what they call”Supreme Cheese” that is all the crud that falls off the pizzas whilst being prepared.
    It is not kept at the correct temperature and is adulterated with all kinds of filth.
    This is what Dominos puts on its pizzas in all of its stores i should know as i was once a Dominos area manager.
    They sell frozen bases…..Not made fresh like Pizza Hut or EagleBoys….
    Eating a Dominos pizza is like eating a mccain pizza from wollies…….absolute filth.

  3. Rex

    Interesting that the e-mail address linked to your post is based in the eagleboys.com.au domain. If you are a paid employee of EagleBoys, then your post is very unprofessional. If not, then you are too gutless to reveal who you really are!


  4. IanB

    I would argue that the pizza quality really depends on the particular store and who was working that night. At least for major chains.

    Quality varies so much between orders at even the same store.

    What I do object to is Dominos calling these pizzas “large”.
    9 1/2 ” is not large, so the description is false and misleading, and pretty insulting to the customer. Call it medium or even small. We took a photo and sent it to friends in the USA. They thought we were joking.

    I loved the reason Dominos staff gave me – “Pizza Hut reduced their size so we reduced ours because we had to match them”. Pick a unpopular business plan by your competitor and adopt it ! Brilliant !

    1. Felix

      I have tried Eagle Boys Pizza for the first time tonight, They are better than Dominos by a long shot.
      I suspect that any positive comments about Dominos must be propaganda as I’ve never had any positive experiences with them.
      I’ve had to use Dominos home delivery service purely because of my inability to get out for medical reasons. Pizza Hut were just as bad.
      Neither PH or Dominos delivery drivers were capable of following simple delivery instructions while the young lady who delivered my very tasty pizza tonight was right on track.
      I’ll be using Eagle Boys from now on, unless they screw up of course then I’ll be on the search again.

  5. typhoon

    That is a lame excuse but it’s the truth, you will find that Eagle boys will have to eventually resize their pizzas too, the costs are spiralling out of control in transport and food making the margins smaller and smaller, tt’s either up the price or reduce the size. Eagle boys will have to be very careful as they will be taking the biggest hit leaving there pizzas the same size, apparently EB haven’t even locked in a cheese contract yet, will be very scary when their supplier ceases production.

    Dominos using frozen bases…hahaha.

  6. Domino's Girl

    To the past Domino’s ‘Area Manager’ (Eagleboy Man),
    It is obvious you are just a Eagle Boys employee trying to disguise yourself as a normal consumer. For starters, there is no position in the Domino’s Hierarchy called ‘Area Manager’…maybe that is an Eagle Boys position?? And if you are in that position you really shouldn’t be making such insulting and offensive comments!

    I like Domino’s for the following reasons:
    – Domino’s doesn’t constantly try to bring down and insult its competitors with untrue claims and media. That is sinking low, and it seems to be a common occurance at Eagle Boys.
    – It is owned by Domino’s Pizza Australia and New Zealand which also owns some stores in France, Netherlands and Belgium – paying royalties back to Australia (Not America!)
    – Last time I had Eagle boys pizza it didnt even taste that bad, I have nothing against it….but I just like Domino’s products better. All the negative media towards all it’s competitors has really made me lose respect for Eagle Boys as a company.
    – Domino’s pizzas are yum! Domino’s make ALL pizza bases fresh in the store.

    I sound like a Domino’s ad don’t I? I agree that Domino’s pizzas are small compared to American sizes but you get what you pay for – most Domino’s pizzas are bought for $5.95/$6.95 with a coupon. For that price, I wouldn’t expect to walk out the door with an American sized pizza!

    Anyway, I just couldn’t go past that comment from Eagleboy Man without defending Domino’s!

    I’m glad you like Domino’s pizzas Rex, keep up the good work.

    P.S A certain pizza company (not mentioning any names) uses ONE meat – mutton, with different colouring and flavouring to make it ‘beef’, ‘bacon’, ‘ham’! Yucky. Stick with Domino’s or yeah home made pizzas are yum if you have the time.

  7. anon

    to the last girl…there is a position called area manager. we have two different area managers. pretty sure an area manager is only assigned for the franchised stores not corporate stores.

    and also..frozen bases??..since when??..pretty sure we don’t.

    and i will agree, dominos pizzas are too small, they aren’t large, but to combat the prices of food and transport, of course we have to reduce our margins. and whoever said it before they are right, eagle boys will eventually have to do the same, so this campaign is only doing them more damage for the future.

    but nonetheless…i do like the eagle boys pasta.

    and i honestly cant see how they can make a fresh pizza,cook it and give it in 2 minutes? keeping it in an oven means it is not fresh anymore.

  8. JT

    Hey anon, there are reigonal managers, but no ‘area’ managers in domino’s company stores, that must be a franchised thing. Yes, I am a current employee.

    In response to eagle boy-mans rant. You really have no idea do you? None of the bases are frozen, all are made fresh, in store, daily. Another thing is that last I check (quite recently) the difference from domino’s pizza to a compeditor pizza was a quarter inch. Please get over it. Its not the end of the world. Its really not! I can tell you the store I work in does keep things at correct temperatures, and the food is quite safe, I still eat the products made by my co-workers and never has it made me ill.

    Regarding the size changes, its true, rising costs of cheese and fresh veg in particular as well as logistics costs have meant that pizza surcharges went up about $1 and size went down, a half inch (?)

    In the end the advertising campaign is rather desperate, they hit domino’s low and it hasnt really done them one bit of good!

    And finally, if you dont like them, cost, size, taste, what ever! then feel free to make your own !!! 🙂 We arent forcing you to eat the pizzas.

  9. Ex-Eagle

    Truth is all pizza chains use “super cheese” or “super- mix”. Think about it – how much quality can you expect when paying $5.95 for a pizza anyhow? You should all just go for Gourmet and see what pizzas are meant to taste like.

  10. Eagle Boys Employee.

    I myself am an Eagle Boys worker.

    We don’t use any “super cheese” none of the crap that falls off/doesn’t make the pizza doesn’t get used. It ends up in the bin.

    Eagle boys have also now bought in a gourmet pizza range. Carnivore is quite delicious must i say so myself.

    I have to agree that the taste is rather different with area. The store i work at is better than the home of eagle boys store’s pizzas. They make average pizzas. However I prefer both stores to Dominos, I do personally believe Domino’s pizzas are sub-standard and I chose eagle boys before I started working there 2 and a half years ago.

    Also whoever uses all mutton is not Eagle boys, we use all non-processed meats. We have recently changed a lot of topping choices such as

    Red onion instead of White onion
    Different meat choices etc.

    And the claim that Eagle Boy’s pizzas are bigger than Those of Domino’s was done by an independant research company that researched and proved the claim.

  11. Tammin

    I think Eagle boys pizza is pretty good. I work there was a part time shift worker. The ribs and sides they recieve in are not fresh, they are frozen, but eagle boys prepare everything they sell. All the dough is made freshly each day, along with the tomato sauce. Thingies are made fresh as soon as you order them, we make them, and pizzas are not frozen, at all. Our new premium range of pizzas are going thorugh the roof.

    No, none of that crappy “Super cheese” is used on our pizzas. My manager is also very strict on wearing gloves and not dropping food or we have to remake etc;

    Our pizzas are definatly better than that of Domino’s. Domino’s pizza’s are quite popular (for some reason) and they dont make the pizza’s with care, Our pizzas are bigger and are worth the value way more. Some of the meats are processed, but we have got fresh food. For example;

    Our tomato is now freshly sliced tomato
    Our onion is red not white
    Our capcicum is now mixed (red and green).

    Eagle boys pizza is healthier and more reliable than that of Domino’s., but Pizza Hut pizza’s are not bad. 🙂

  12. wes

    I live in Toowong, Qld. After a long spell of not eating any of the franchise pizzas, I tried out Dominos and found it tasted as normal. I then tried out EagleBoys and…WOW Huge improvement on the pizzas. I am not sure why but it might be that they changed the way they made the pizzas. Probably that was the reason for the newer adverts in the past 2-3 months. It was basically that most franchise pizzas taste like crap that I stopped eating them since January but I will be sure to go back to Eagleboys

  13. Lisa

    Eagles boys pizza are the best. When we asked around all of our friends and work colleauges agreed.

    As a consumer if I have the choice to order at Pizza Hut, Domino’s or Eagle boys – I will choose Eagle boys every time. In comparison to the others Eagle boys have consistently more toppings, have larger bases (even in the classic crust style) and their pizzas taste fresher – every time.

    I haven’t had a bad Eagle boys experience yet – and we have been eating pizza from there for many years.

    I don’t think entering into a competitor smear campaign is needed as the product sells itself.

  14. Sam

    I looked up the nutritional value for eagle boys, the Prawn and Steak pizza is 4 grams of fat per 100 grams, that is pretty damn healthy, and in retrospect could be called 96% fat free. . . for a pizza

  15. Ben

    Dominos are a health risk, no gloves and the counter guy that takes your filthy money rubs it back in your pizza when he makes the dough, haven’t gone there in years and never will again. Just imagine what you can’t see. My rule is if you can’t see it being made from start to finish, expect filth, especially with little nose picking teenage brats on minimum hourly rates that get no discipline from their likewise weak minded parents.

  16. egino

    theres alot of things i disagree with when it comes to dominos, cleanliness being a huge one in the bathurst store, the small one size pizza, taste and quality and service, although coming from a personal insioder view from eagle boys there are alot of things i disagree with there aswell, yes the dough is made fresh, no all the meat is not mutton, and from what i have seen in alot of stores they are all pretty clean, service could be better though, some prices are pretty high (especially for the drinks) and from what ive heard from some stores the wages are pretty crap, anyone know hwta they are for casual 21+age delivery drivers?

  17. Philip Tran

    I currently work at Dominoes Pizza Alexander Heights.

    And I think all pizza brand are the same, it just depends on the store and the work ethics.

    The store I work at is actually great store, and for sizes the difference is almost unnoticed, it just the sizes of the box.
    As for frozen bases, that’s a lie the dough is made fresh in the store with trained dough makers.

    As for taste, like I said some stores are going to be stingy while others happily put quality first.

    So stop this bias so called eagle boys > dominoes cause it depends on the store culture

  18. Consumer

    I’m not an Eagle Boys worker. I have not been to Dominos in Cessnock for ages. When I last ate from Eagle boys I enjoyed it. I also enjoy Pizza Hut and Eagle boys. In my opinion, all pizzas are the same and delicious making an exception for Zia Pia Pizzeria in Sydney


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