Got blog writers’ block? — 5 tips to get yourself writing again

You have decided to write a blog. You have got a web site and installed blogging software. You have even written a few posts, perhaps a lot of posts. But now you are stuck — you can not get yourself writing again. Here are a few ideas to get your ideas and creativity flowing.

  1. Write in your area of interest and about your own experiences — do not try to be an expert in an area that you are not. If you write in areas that you have knowledge in, be confident that good ideas will come.
  2. Do not fight it — sometimes story ideas just do not come. Do not fight it. Go and do something else for a while. Do not let this be an excuse for procrastinating though. Do something else in your life that is productive, you need to keep moving forwards, not stagnating. And take note of the next point!
  3. Stay alert for ideas — as you go about your normal daily life, story ideas and ways to structure content will pop into your head. Write them down! If you feel the urge to convert a story idea or headline into content for a full blog post, do it. If you block these ideas out of your head because you are too busy, your creativity will shut down.
  4. Do not dismiss your ideas — blogging is an opportunity to communicate with the world about incredibly specific topics. If you have an interest, chances are there are other people in the world who are also looking for information on the same topic. For example, you would be amazed how many people read my post about dog poo worm farms. Who would have known that this would be such an interesting topic to so many people! As you keep writing, your ideas will get better.
  5. Write something, anything! — as a professional writer, I often see my clients struggle to get the first black lines on the white paper. Once you have words on a page, it is a lot easier to review and edit the text. If you try to get the story perfect in your head before writing it down, the idea will never see the light of day. Just write notes or bullet points if necessary. You can structure and review the post later.

As I go about my day, ideas for stories and content often pop into my head. I always note them, usually by logging into this WordPress blog and posting the headline on a draft post or perhaps sending myself an email or text message to action later. I often have 10 or 20 story ideas in the draft, unpublished section of this blog with only a headline story idea, but without any content. This way, I always have numerous topics to write about. When I am ready and the idea has germinated and I have had the opportunity to take photographs, I can easily convert these ideas into published posts.

Quite often I write a blog story, like this one, just to get my ideas and words flowing for my professional writing that clients pay for — I have been a professional writer for more than 10 years in the public relations and communication industry, as well as writing for engineering and construction companies.

Good luck in your blogging, and let me know how you go getting your story ideas and creativity flowing again!

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